Multiple Income Funnel Review – False Promises or Legit Opportunity?

So you come across Multiple Income Funnel and wondered if it’s a legit business model or one big scam? Unfortunately it’s definitely a scam, or more specifically, a pyramid scheme.

You’ll be spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars just to promote the exact same system you just joined.

You’ll be made to make the exact same promises of earning easy money in the hopes that others join under you.

It’s one big pyramid scheme from a shady owner that has a long history of creating scams/ponzi schemes/pyramid schemes.

But there’s a lot to talk about in this review, so lets get right into it.

What is Multiple Income Funnel All About?

Multiple Income Funnel Landing Page

On the official product page you will see hyped up claims of making easy money on 100% autopilot.

And all you will need to do is pay the $49/month fee and watch the commissions roll in.

But of course, if you’ve spent any time in the online marketing space, you would know that these claims never live up to the hype.

In this case, they don’t even come close and I’ll tell you why.

How Does Multiple Income Funnel Work?

The gist of this system goes like this:

  • Buy the system for $49 per month
  • Buy any of the 4 upsells
  • Promote Multiple Income Funnel
  • Earn commissions for people buying the course and investing in the upsells
  • If you purchased the upsells, you will also get commissions on your downlines purchases

That’s the gist of it.

The minimum you have to spend is $49 per month and you won’t even earn commissions on your downlines monthly membership, which is HUGE negative.

That means if your downline buys the program but doesn’t invest in any of the packages (because they’re incredibly expensive, you miss out on making money.

Therefore if you want to make the most of the income streams, you’ll need to invest in the 4 additional income streams and hope your downline purchases one of the upsells as well.

Of course this all sounds good in theory, but there is a lot of problems that they won’t tell you.

Since I am a man that exposes scams exactly like this for a living, I’m going to tell you why this won’t work for the average person and why it’s a pyramid scheme.

The Problems With Multiple Income Funnel


NO Commissions on the Monthly Membership

The first and biggest problem I have with Multiple Income Funnel is the fact that they don’t pay you commissions for your downline purchasing the membership.

This means all the money goes straight to the guy at the top, which you guessed it, is the owner.

He’s not only making a killing from the monthly membership, but money from affiliates buying the upsells and from their downline buying the upsells.

It’s a Pyramid Scheme

You’re not actually getting any training inside the program.

All you’re doing is joining a system, paying the monthly fee so your upline and the owner earns money, and then promoting the exact same system you just joined.

That is a flat-out pyramid scheme.

The “Big Boys” Make All The Money

I’m sorry to say, but this system, just like 99% of other programs with over-hyped claims, are designed to make the owners and their affiliates richer.

These scam systems are literally everywhere, and they are promoted to everyday people with dreams of making money online and living life on their own terms, just to increase their own wallets.

Here’s how it works

  • The owner creates a product (usually something with false promises)
  • Hypes up the launch to their email list full of affiliate marketers
  • They get their affiliates to promote the “new and improved” online money-making program to newbies
  • The owner and his affiliates get richer, at the expense of those that are new and don’t know better

This is how most online gurus that flash a lavish lifestyle make all their money online.

And that brings me to my next problem, the owner.

The Owner is a Serial Scammer

Mack Mills

The owner, who goes by the name of Mack Mills is a serial scam artist who has launched and released other scammy programs.

Examples include

  • Instant Payment Method
  • Instant Income Method
  • Digital Income Method
  • Plus more

And they all have one thing in common, they all promise easy money, big claims that fail to deliver, and all have been exposed as scams in one way or another.

Sadly this man is an untrustworthy guy, has created many scam systems in the past, and does not care about taking other peoples money to fund his lavish lifestyle, while offering absolutely nothing of value in return.

You’ll Be Paying a Lot More Than You Think

The $49/month entry-fee only gets your foot in the door.

From here you’ll have to buy the upsells to have the OPPORTUNITY to make money. And if you don’t, kiss your $49 goodbye.

However, you will be encouraged to splash out even more money on paid advertising, which is not cheap, and not guaranteed a return on your investment.

Recruiting Is More Difficult Than You Think

If it was so easy to recruit others and make a sale, everyone would be doing it.

However, throughout the last couple of years, the online social media space has been completely overtaken with people trying to sell stuff to others.

Throughout every corner of the internet, you have people trying to recruit you to their latest and greatest opportunity, which of course, is an absolute shambles of a program.

These people are complete newbies that don’t know better, and they just look desperate trying to make money online.

It doesn’t work as easy as it sounds.

One way it can work is with an email list with thousands of subscribers, a large social media following, paid advertising, or search engine traffic.

Without any of those, you’re doomed.

But even if you do, there are MUCH better programs to sell to your audience.

So What Are the Upsells?

Earlier in this review I mentioned that you have to buy upsells, which can make you money as long as your downline purchases the upsells as well.

Well unfortunately the upsells are nothing more than other scammy opportunities which have also been exposed as scams.

The 4 upsells are as follows:

  • Easy1Up ($25 – $2,000)
  • Envy TV ($100)
  • Traffic Authority ($220 – $8,397)
  • OPM Wealth ($2,000 – $27,500)

As you can see, these are FAR from cheap, and it’s a massive risk to take.

Lets say you purchased one of the $200 packages, but none of your downlines decides to buy, then you don’t earn any money back.

It’s a huge risk to take, and something you’ll only want to do if you can get a consistent amount of sign ups, otherwise you’re taking a leap of faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below I will answer some of the most important questions some of you might have regarding Multiple Income Funnel just to clear up any loose ends.

Can you make money without buying the upsells?

No, you can’t, which makes this one of the worst affiliate programs I have seen.

You only earn money when your downline purchases any of the upsells you purchased.

Otherwise if you buy the program and decide not to invest in any of the expensive upsells, you lose your $49 and don’t have the opportunity to make it back, even if you get someone to sign up under you!

Can you make money with Multiple Income Funnel?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to make money with Multiple Income Funnel.

But as I mentioned previously, you will need a large online following and a questionable moral compass if you decide to get involved with this program and the owner.

Is Multiple Income Funnel a legit business?

No, not at all.

This system is illegal and hands down a pyramid scheme, or scam, whatever you want to call it.

There’s no real training on how to make money, just a funnel to join and promise others a way to make money, just so they can join and promote the exact same thing.

Who is Multiple Income Funnel for?

I don’t recommend this program to anyone.

It’s just not possible for the average person to make money.

However, if you have a large email list in the “make-money online” niche, it’s possible for you to make money (even though I don’t recommend it).

Multiple Income Funnel Cost

The cost of MIF is $49 per month which will give you access to the DFY (Done-For-You) landing page and members area.

From here you will need to buy the upsells, or whatever ones you can afford, and promote MIF itself using the DFY landing pages.

However, even if you get sign ups, money isn’t guaranteed.

Remember that you only make money when someone buys the packages that you buy.

Lets say you purchase the upsell #2 for $100, but someone buys a membership from upsell #1 for $500.

Sorry to say, you missed out on that commission because you didn’t invest in that upsell.

My Final Opinion On Multiple Income Funnel

This is one of the worst programs I have seen in a long time.

I am surprised that these programs still exist…and still rope people in.

I honestly thought they died down some 4 years ago, but it seems they’re still out in full force just casually scamming newcomers and making the owners and affiliates richer.

I’m sorry to say, but you will not make money with Multiple Income Funnel.

And even if you manage to get some sign ups, the chances of them buying the same upsell as you are slim (unless you buy all of them), leaving you even more out of pocket and more frustrated than before.

My final opinion is this:

Absolute worst make money online opportunity I have seen in 2022 so far!

Is Multiple Income Funnel a Scam?

Yes, MIF is 100% a scam.

They don’t offer anything of value, just a way for the top dogs to take advantage of newbies that don’t know better.

And they will happily do so knowing very well that their downline won’t be able to recruit others and make money.

Are Their Legit Ways to Make Money Online?

Yes, of course there is.

Contrary to what it looks like online, there are still legit ways to make money from the world wide web.

It’s just a lot harder than you think.

The reason these people sell pipe dreams is because it sells, it makes them money, but doesn’t make people below them any money.

I was in your shoes so I know exactly what it’s like to constantly be scammed.

About 6 years ago I found a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which taught me how to create my own online business.

Since then I have created 4 different blogs, all targeting low-competition keywords, and making money from affiliate products.

However, you don’t need 4 blogs, you only need one massive blog to become successful.

Fortunately they have a free trial at Wealthy Affiliate, and I have also done a full review on it so you can see what it’s like before joining.

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