My Cash Freebies Review – What is it? Is it a Waste of Time?

After some extensive research on the website called My Cash Freebies, it seems there’s a lot of confusion about how it operates and how people make money.

Most people reviewing this website do not explain the whole procedure for the average person to understand, so here I am going to lay it out in plain, simple English.

My Cash Freebies Review – Product Overview

Name: My Cash Freebies

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Type: Completing Offers

Overall Rating: 40/100

It’s possible to make money with My Cash Freebies but I don’t recommend it. There’s too much recruiting involved which is not going to work for the average newbie. Newbie recruiters are aggressive and only annoy friends and family on social media. There are far better ways at making money online than to sell another bad system.

What is My Cash Freebies?

My Cash Freebies is a website where you can make money by completing offers.

However, you need to know that My Cash Freebies is a partner website to about 140 different companies that offer products and services.

These are companies that give you rewards in return for your personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc.

Other times they want your credit card info to sign up for free trials.

When you complete these offers you receive “credits”.

After attaining 1 – 2 credits you can now refer other people and earn $20 for every person that completes an offer.

Keywords are “completes an offer”.

They need to complete an offer that requires their credit card information in the hopes that they will make the $20 back off of your referrals.

That’s how the whole business concept works.

You’re essentially sending them customers that they can make money off, while paying you $20 for every paying customer.

Types of Offers and Services

Types of Offers

The offers vary because they are partnered up with so many companies.

The free offers that don’t ask for your credit card information give you the least amount of credits (sometimes only 0.10).

That means it takes a long time to reach 1 credit.

Offers that require money upfront gives much more (for example: 0.38 for $5.95).

So you can either invest some money to get the 1 credit faster, that way you can start getting referrals and earn $20 when they complete an offer.

OR, you can take the slow route and complete free offers.

What They Don’t Tell You

Who Knows What Happens to Your Personal Information

They state on their website that they don’t sell, share, or rent your information.

Yes they are correct because My Cash Freebies does NOT collect this information from you.

However, that is very misleading.

The companies that you complete the offers for definitely do use the personal information you give them (email follow ups, telemarketing, letters, you name it).

And god knows what else.

Most People Forget to Cancel Their Free Trial

The fact of the matter is, we have busy lives.

Unless you can keep on top of things you’ve signed up to, your credit card will be charged for the free trials that you signed up for days prior.

I mean it’s not unauthorized or anything, because technically you did sign up for it, but it is a cheap way of getting money out of people.

I simply cannot refer people to systems like this when I know they have a chance of paying for something they didn’t really want in the first place.

The Credits Are Not Instant

Before you complete an offer you are told how much you will get and how long it takes for the credits to go into your My Cash Freebies account.

Most of the ones that say “instant” aren’t really instant, it can take hours and some times days to show up in your account.

Getting Referrals Is Pretty Much Inevitable

Unfortunately completing offers and making a few cents here and there is not a good Return on Investment.

Basically that means it’s going to take hours and hours before you even earn $1 – $2.

Go work at McDonalds for 30 minutes if you need a couple of bucks, it’ll be way more worth your time.

The cold hard truth is that you need referrals to make this business model worthwhile.

And unless you’ve tried to recruit people into a system before, you’ve got no idea how difficult it is.

It’s NOT a matter of telling your friends and family on social media that they can make quick and easy cash completing offers, because that is highly misleading and will only annoy people.

I’ve already made an article on how to promote your business on Facebook. Go read that if you’re really interested in recruiting people, and don’t make the same mistakes as everyone else.

Know the Type of Business Model You’re Getting Into

This business is completely legit and legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unethical, or at least borderline.

I mean, I’m not going to sell people on the idea of making free money by completing offers.

It sounds good on paper and it’s a good hook to get people in, but it’s not all black and white.

It takes too damn long to earn the 1 credit required before you can refer people and make more money, so investing a little money to get there is pretty much a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Earn $20 for Every Completed Offer?


You earn $20 for every person that completes a paying offer, just one-time though.

If someone completes 5 offers, you still only get the $20, not $100.

The goal is for the company to eventually make money off these people while paying you handsomely (the referrer).

Do I Have to Pay to Get in?

Yes and no.

If you entered the My Cash Freebies website through someone’s affiliate link and completed an offer, you are now eligible for the affiliate program where you can send your links and make $20 for every person that completes an offer.

If you entered through Google or by typing their website manually, you have to reach 1 to 2 credits by completing offers before you can use the affiliate program.

How Do I Get People In?

I explain below why recruiting is not for everyone because that is the only way you can make decent money with this.

The only way to get people in without harassing them on social media would be email marketing, YouTube or a blog.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount of money you make all determines on your recruiting strategy.

Lets say you can get 5 people a day to join your link, that’s 150 people per month.

If 6% complete paying offers, that’s 9 people per month.

9 x $20 is $180.

Realistically most people can’t even get 1 person a day into their “new venture” let alone paying customers, so statistics show that 99% of people who join and try to recruit people will not get anyone.

Now you know why I don’t recommend recruiting for newbies?

Pros and Cons


  • Making money is possible
  • It’s free to join


  • Ethically questionable
  • You won’t earn a lot of money
  • Not good for newbies
  • Needs a good recruiting strategy
  • Can’t quit your day job
  • Will charge your credit card if you forget to cancel in time

I’m Not Big on Recruiting People

I absolutely hate recruiting people. I despise it. I never want to do it again.

I have done the whole recruiting thing and it sucks.

I’m not all about hassling people just because I want to make money (because lets face it, we wouldn’t be doing it off money wasn’t involved).

I have never liked recruiting and I don’t recommend it.

Recruiting people with an MLM business is different. It works because you’re actually offering products and a business opportunity.

However, My Cash Freebies is far different.

You’re not offering anything, just an opportunity to make money while others mindlessly put their credit card information into all these different services so that YOU make money.

But what about those people that signed up to 5 different things for $6.99 each and forgot to cancel? That’s $35 they might need to feed their children.

If you’re all about that then MCF is for you.

But if you not, there are far better ways to use your time.

Last Words

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Well that concludes this review on My Cash Freebies.

Remember all your questions and concerns are welcome in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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