MyGirlFund Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?

In a world where you can create a successful online business from the comfort of your own home, there’s even an opportunity to make money talking to guys.


Yes, MyGirlFund is a website that will pay you to talk to guys.

It’s really as simple as that, but there are some good things and bad things about this website.

Today I’m going to give my full opinion on MyGirlFund and then let you make your own decision on whether you should join or not.


What Is MyGirlFund All About?

MyGirlFund is a website where guys can get the girlfriend experience from the comfort of their own home.

They can talk to women as much as they want and actually get an emotional connection with them.

In this day and age it’s getting more difficult for some guys to get the girls they really want, so opting for an internet girlfriend is a great solution for them.

Basically, guys can pay real money to buy “credits”, which can then be used to buy custom content like pics, videos, and even 1-on-1 video calling.

Credits can then be exchanged for real money.

To accumulate as much credits as a member of MyGirlFund, all you need to do is reply to private messages.

And to make the big bucks, you’ll find “regulars” that really like you and want to give you money for custom content or a simple phone call.

But I’ll break it all down below.

How Do You Make Money on MyGirlFund?

There are a variety of ways to make money with MGF.

They are:

  • Replying to private messages
  • Custom photos
  • Custom videos
  • Audio messages
  • Phone calls
  • Video calls
  • Etc

The good thing about this system is that you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

You can also set your own prices.

Here’s a profile I found with her prices on her profile page.

MGF Custom Prices

For example: You can charge $10 for a custom picture, $2/minute for a phone call, or $3/minute for video call.

It’s entirely up to you, but as you grow your account you will find regulars that will pay you lots of money to satisfy their needs.

But just like any other online system, it does have its downfalls which I’ll highlight below.

The Problems That MyGirlFund Has


I researched a lot before writing this review so I know exactly what problems some of the members may face as they use this website/platform.

Here they are.

May Take a Long Time to Get Verified

For one, it can take a long time to get verified. Some girls are still waiting to get verified even after a couple of months.

To get verified you will have to upload at least 6 photos and ID.

However, some people get verified after 1 week.

Poor App Ratings

Secondly, they have poor ratings on the Apple store.

Most people find the app glitchy and barely usable. You’re better off using the website from your phone as it works better.

Getting Banned Without Warning/Not Getting Paid

And thirdly, there are reports of women getting booted out and not getting paid.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a large majority of women receiving their earnings, but a small portion of them are not.

It just makes me wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes. I can’t say for sure that they are being scammed, but it’s definitely sketchy.

The Good Things About MyGirlFund


Completely Private

Actually it’s against their terms of service to share your private life with others.

You’re not even allowed to share your social media platforms or you’ll get banned.

That’s why I think those who got booted off was because they shared their socials, but who knows.

So if you decide to join MGF, just know that your they have your privacy in mind and will do everything to protect your identity.

Active Community

They claim that there are around 20,000 active girls using the website, which I will have to agree with.

There’s a few pictures on the main Snap page every hour which mean this is a fairly active community.

Even Google Trends shows that it’s on a slow incline, which means this website isn’t dying down anytime soon.

Easy Money

Lets face it, sitting at home talking to guys is a super simple way of making money by doing something that you do anyway.

However in this case, it’ll be super lonely guys and not your typical Chad that you chase every day.

Once you set up your profile, add some photos, you can start talking to guys and making money.

After awhile they’ll be open to paying you more money for custom content.

If they really like you, they’ll become regular customers.

These are what you call whales. A whale is your biggest spender, so the more whales you have the more money you make.

However, the hardest part is getting verified.

Some say that they have a voting system to not overwhelm the website with too many girls.

They only let people in that are cute, attractive and have that “girlfriend vibe”.

Of course this is only speculation, but not too far-fetched as some get verified after 1 week and some are still waiting after 5 months.

Is MyGirlFund a Scam? (My Final Opinion)

Fortunately they do pay and most of the models get paid their earnings.

On the other hand, a small minority of women are not. These people are probably banned for sharing their social media profiles and don’t want to admit it.

So far MyGirlFund is a legit company to get involved in and work with.

They’re on a steady incline and show no signs of slowing down.

The pay is also really good when you start getting repeat customers.

The hard part is getting verified, but if you manage to get pass this process, you’re on the money.

Well that wraps up this review.

I hope you learned a thing or two about MyGirlFund, but if you still have any questions or concerns, please ask me in the comments below.


PS: Make money by creating your own business instead. When you sign up and use other peoples websites, your bound to their terms and conditions and can be shut down at any moment. That’s why I recommend creating your own business, that way no one can take it from you.

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