Who is Myron Gaines? (AKA Frank Castle)

Today I want to talk about Myron Gaines, AKA Frank Castle, the guy whose very popular for kicking out girls for being disrespectful.

Before we get started, let me just say that I have been following Myron since the beginning of 2021 when his Fresh and Fit podcast started getting traction.

Since then I have watched a lot of his videos and learnt things about this man that I want to share in this article.

I’m going to address some of the most important questions that people have about Myron and let you come up with your own conclusion.

So without further ado, lets get right into it.

Who is Myron Gaines?

Myron Gaines 2

Born: Unknown (30 – 35 years old)
Occupation: Online Fitness/Life Coach, according to LinkedIn
Real name: Amrou Fudi
Height: 1.90 m or 6’3″
Weight: Unknown
Other names: The Punisher, Frank Castle, Unplugfit

Myron Gaines is the host of a self proclaimed “#1 Mens Podcast” for teaching other men how to become better version of themselves.

Whether that be dating, fitness, or making money.

That is the infamous Fresh and Fit podcast, which I talked about yesterday.

Myron’s real name is Amrou Fudi but has been given the nickname “Frank Castle” for kicking girls off his podcast who are disrespectful.

He currently runs the F&F Podcast and makes money from real estate, businesses, and other investments.

Did Myron Gaines Go to College?

Yes, he went to Northeastern University in Boston, where he grew up.

I’m unsure when he moved to Miami but that is where he currently resides and runs the F&F podcast.

Myron Gaines Net Worth

Myron Gaines does not disclose his net worth publicly, but you will find many online estimations on what he’s worth.

Google says he’s worth an estimated $2 million dollars, but I personally think it’s way more than that.

Especially when you take into consideration his real estate properties, investments across cryptocurrencies, multiple businesses, and more.

Myron Gaines is estimated to be worth at least $4 million dollars.


This man is a working freak, working every waking hour.

He was at a yacht party with hundreds of women and he was on his phone working. This man never stops.

Is Myron Gaines Married?

Myron Gaines is not married and has never been married.

Myron has said multiple times that if he was to ever get married, he would go to middle-east and get a “good girl” that has not been influenced by Western culture.

Is Myron Gaines a Sugar Daddy?

Myron Gaines has been accused of being on sugar daddy as he has been spotted on sugar daddy websites.

Now this isn’t bad whatsoever, but paying for attention from girls would go against his beliefs and ideologies that men should never have to pay for attention from females.

He has addressed this many times and proven with screenshots that he uses sugar sites as a dating app, and never pays any girls a cent for their attention.

Where is Myron Gaines From and Where Does He Live?

Myron Gaines was born in New York, USA, and went to Northeastern University in Boston.

He currently lives in Miami, Florida where he runs his Fresh and Fit podcast.

How Did Myron Gaines Make All His Money?

Myron Gaines is a huge believer in investing your money and working as hard as possible when you’re young so you can retire early.

This has been congruent with everything he says on his podcast.

Before his podcast he was a big real estate man, and now he owns many properties that earn him thousands of dollars per month.

Myron is also a cryptocurrency investor, telling his audience many times that he invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He was also an online fitness coach before quitting law enforcement job and pursuing his YouTube career full-time.

You Either Love Him or Hate Him

Die hard fans absolutely love this man and the content he puts out there.

Personally I like him, so I might be a little biased writing this article, but I think him and Walter are doing great jobs at teaching men to become better versions of themselves.

I find the guys that don’t like him have different beliefs, or want to piggy back off his fast-growing success.

They’ll usually bash on him with clickbait titles to get more clicks and new subscribers.

But more importantly, it’s a sign that you’re doing something great.

Everyone’s going to have haters, especially when you start becoming successful.

Also might I add that so many people have thrown dirt at Myron, tried to show screenshots, and they have been disproven with his own screenshots.

They’ll usually show a snippet of the conversation and put it way out of context, making it look different to how the conversation really went.

How Does Myron Gaines Make Money Now?

Myron still invests in real estate properties, cryptocurrency, and other investment opportunities.

But now he makes a lot of money from his podcast.

He has very die hard fans that donate big money.

Some days they’ll earn anywhere from 10 – 20k per episode just from donations.

This doesn’t include the monthly subscriptions from Patreon and the different courses they sell.

How Did Myron Gaines Become So Popular?

Myron Gains Single Moms

Myron exploded in popularity with his controversial content, specifically on the Fresh and Fit podcast.

It’s his dating advice that gets the bad press, especially from feminists and beta males who come to their rescue.

He’s also been banned on TikTok multiple times for saying “single moms are only good for one night stands”.

He gets death threats on the daily, which he has shown on his Instagram stories, and a lot of negative videos made about him.

However, this is just a small portion of his entire fan base.

When you see how fast they’ve grown and the amount of die hard fans he’s got, you will quickly realize that he’s not so bad.

I find the people that don’t like him are feminists or dudes in relationships that simp for their woman and do as she says in fear of losing her.

But contrary to popular belief and what you’ll see on the media bashing on him, he’s not so bad and teaches a lot of good stuff.

Is Myron Gaines a Scam or the Real Deal?

Myron Gaines is not a scammer, or a fraudster, and has no intensions of scamming people.

He’s done a lot in his life, made a lot of money, got many girls, and learnt a lot about female nature.

This is why he can teach other men how women think, why they act the way they do, and how to establish yourself as a possible mate in a competitive sexual marketplace.

In my opinion Myron Gaines (Amrou Fudi) is the real deal in regards to being a mentor for dating, finance, and getting fit.

He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he must be doing something right if people hand over their money like there’s no tomorrow.

My Final Opinion

If you’re lost in life, can’t get girls, don’t know how to make money, or can’t find the motivation to get fit and healthy, Myron’s content is a good start.

Seeing that other people are in the same boat as you will be a breath of fresh air.

It’s not just you struggling in this world, especially when it comes to dating.

Even the average woman doesn’t think the average man is worthy of them.

Myron’s whole thing is that you should work on yourself first and foremost, and the women will become a bi-product of your hard work.

Basically work on yourself, get fit and healthy, make lots of money, have a purpose, and girls will naturally be more attracted to you.

Your happiness will come from your own achievements, not girls, which should never be your source of happiness, ever.

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