Is NiteFlirt a Good Way to Make Money Online?

If you’re wondering what NiteFlirt is all about, how you can make money, and whether or not it’s legit, I have got you covered.

I have reviewed a few of these Phone Sex jobs lately, as they are on the rise.

More and more guys are paying to talk to girls online because they can’t get that boyfriend-to-girlfriend experience in real life.

As a NiteFlirt member, you will be making most of your money talking to guys, and the pay is quite lucrative once you build up your profile and start getting repeat customers.

The top creators are earning 6-figures per year.

But there’s a lot to get through so keep reading my NiteFlirt review to see what it’s all about and some of my best tips for getting phone calls.

What Is NiteFlirt?

NiteFlirt is exactly that, a website where girls can make money talking to guys.

It really is as simple as it sounds.

In this day and age people would rather “get off” from the comfort of their own home rather than trying to go out and find a girl to sleep with.

This has lead to a lucrative business for women all around the world, as NiteFlirt is one such website.

It’s one of the most common out there. Some of the top “flirters” are making up to 6-figures per year.

The good thing about this is that you don’t HAVE to sell pictures or videos to make money, unlike OnlyFans or other photo-sharing website, you simply talk to guys.

The longer you’re on the phone to them, the more money you make.

How to Make Money on NiteFlirt?

NiteFlirt Categories

Making money on NiteFlirt requires you to sign up as a “Flirt”.

Once you sign up, simply add your phone listing, your credit card and you can start receiving phone calls and making money.

The ways to make money through NiteFlirt are:

  • Phone calls. Make money per minute, you set your own prices
  • Payment request. This allows you to request payment from somebody that wants custom content, whether that be special pictures, videos, audio files, whatever really
  • Pay-to-View. This is your typical “buy now” button, it’s pre-made content that you can sell and make money
  • Offer mail. Basically you can give away free 1 – 5 minutes, giving guys an incentive to call you. Every minute thereafter is paid
  • Tribute mail. This is a tipping feature where guys can send you a message and a tip
  • Chat. Another cool feature to make easy money is to set a price for private messages. You basically earn money every time someone sends a message to you

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make money with NiteFlirt.

In saying that, the money is not in the first-time customers, the money is in returning customers.

That’s why you should always put your best foot forward to want guys coming back for more.

They don’t care about staying on the phone for longer as they really enjoy your company.

Creating a Profile to Attract the Right Customers

Once you become a flirt you will be able to create your profile and make it stand out.

Basically tell people about yourself, what you like, what you don’t like, what type of person you are, etc.

Doing this will attract the ones that are interested in you. You want to dominate your niche.

For example:

If you’re a submissive type with the girl next door vibe, state it in your profile description. You’ll attract guys that are into you.

On the other hand, if you’re better at being the dom, then put it in your profile.

You want to fulfil your customers fantasies, and when you can do that, they will keep coming back for more.

The big money is in the repeat customers as you won’t have to keep finding new ones again.

There are probably some important questions you might have regarding your privacy, customer service, etc, well I am about to cover all of that below.

Is Your Privacy Secure?

Yes, your number is 100% secure and your personal information is never shown to anyone.

This goes for both the flirter and caller.

What Makes NiteFlirt Different?

NiteFlirt is one of the longest phone sex websites out there, as they have proven that they are for the people and not for the money.

They’re adapting to the times by creating a “social media” type platform, where you can create a profile and interact with others.

They even have a feedback rating system, so others can rate you based on your phone calls.

I recently reviewed MyGirlFund and they did not have the rating system, although they are more focused on giving guys the girlfriend experience rather than phone sexting, so not really comparable.

Is There Good Customer Service?

Yes, they are one of the few companies that do have good customer service and will do whatever they can to find a solution to your problem.

Good customer service is hard to come by in an online opportunity, but it seems NiteFlirt has this down pat.

What Are The Downsides?


NF Takes 30% of your profits, While You Keep 70%.

This is quite a lot when you think about it. If you earn $200 for the day, you only receive $140 of it.

NiteFlirt keeps the remaining $60.

In comparison, OnlyFans takes 20%.

Pretty Competitive

There are more guys looking for girls than girls on the site, so you are in a really competitive market.

However, it’s still lucrative if you know what you’re doing and learn to carve out your niche.

Pro tip: You can bid for to be higher up on the categories, where you are more likely go get callers. Just don’t bid to be on the first page as it’s not worth it until you build up your profile. Bid to be on the 2nd and 3rd page of a niche, and 1st page of a sub-niche.

For example: Fantasy is a niche, while Role Playing is a sub-niche.

NiteFlirt Niches

Bidding is entirely optional, you can still get callers by promoting “free minutes” and getting repeat customers.

However, I highly recommend using the tip I mentioned above.

What Are the Upsides?


Really Good Money

You can make really good money on NiteFlirt even as a beginner.

I’ve heard of someone making $3500 in their first week.

How much money you make is determined by your work ethic and how well you can satisfy your customers, as they will be willing to stay on the phone for longer and buy your content.

It goes without saying that you can make a full-time income if you really want it.

Good Customer Service

Like I mentioned earlier, they have stood the test of time because the owners have good intentions and the customer service really wants to help you.

They’re also adapting by making it a social-type platform to keep people engaged.

What I Think of Phone Sex Work and The Direction of The Industry

There’s no doubt about it, phone sex work is going to keep growing every year.

More and more guys are literally willing to pay to talk to women, for whatever reason that may be.

The fact is, this business model is not going anywhere and it’s only going to keep growing.

Phone sex work is easy money and I wholeheartedly believe that you can make it a full-time income faster than OnlyFans or any other subscription-based website.


Because you need a social media following for those type of services, whereas with NiteFlirt you don’t.

You can make money from the guys that are already on the website.

The Verdict on NiteFlirt (Is it a Scam?)

I’m happy to say that NiteFlirt is not a scam and it’s a legit way of making money online, well in this case, from laying on your bed talking to guys.

Any girl can use it to their advantage no matter looks, color, race, as everyone has their own personal preference.

What you’ll find is that after you set up your profile you will start attracting guys that are into your personality and body type.

These are the ones you want to keep around as they are willing to pay a lot to talk to you and buy your content.

Final Verdict: Legit and good online opportunity

PS: You can also build your own online business rather than relying on another platform. I prefer blogging as you own 100% of your business, the money is completely passive once you set it all up, and you don’t have to talk dirty to guys.

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