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I like to research online opportunities to see whether they’re legit or not. And today I have come across something called, which appears to be a feet-selling services for content creators.

Now before we get started, let me first say that it’s 100% possible to make money selling feet pictures on the internet.

There are thousands of women all around the world using platforms such as:

  • OnlyFans
  • FeetFinder
  • Okfans
  • And many more

But even though some places are legit, that doesn’t mean they’re all worth signing up to.

In this article you will find a full breakdown of, and whether or not it’s a scam.


What is

Onlyfeet is a website that allows foot content creators to post their feet pictures and make money.

There are no shortage of these opportunities on the world wide web, as it has become a lucrative business model for many girls looking to make a buck.

However, I’ve found that the majority of them are half-assed (which you should not use), while some are pretty decent.

I checked out this website to see if it was worth joining or not.

Let me say that my findings were nothing short of surprising.

First and foremost, I headed over to and performed some traffic analytics research.

For those that don’t know, this shows organic search engine traffic only.

As you can see, they’re ranking for keywords such as onlyfeet, only feet, onlyfeet app, etc.

So they’re definitely receiving at least some sort of traffic.

I dug a little deeper to see if they’re receiving traffic from other sources using Similarweb. Similarweb traffic

The above screenshot shows that they received 37.4K visits in August from other traffic sources, probably from blogs, social media, etc.

The reason I’m looking into the traffic stats is because it gives me a general idea of how many buyers and sellers there are, and it’s not just a dead website taking money from people trying to sell feet.

Looking at the traffic stats, it shows that 58.19% are male and 41.81% are female.

This means the majority on this website are buyers, which is good news if you’re a foot content creator trying to make money.

I then dug a little deeper to see what others were saying about this website.

What the People are Saying

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information about this platform on Google.

However, I did manage to find a review on Reddit from somebody that signed up as a content creator, put in personal information, and soon after they couldn’t access their account anymore.

Their account was deleted out of nowhere.

I managed to find girls promoting Onlyfeet on Twitter and Instagram, and even appeared to be legit sellers.

However, I doubt they’re making any money from it as they had less than 100 followers, and their last posts were months ago.

Even though there appears to be real people using this website, I still can’t trust it and I’ll tell you why.

Why I Don’t Trust OnlyFeet

I can confidently say that this platform is definitely getting a lot of traffic from various different sources, and also have legit buyers and sellers.

But even though there are real people using this platform, that doesn’t mean the owners have good intentions.

I performed a phishing search on the domain name and it was found to be unsafe.

Screenshot for proof below phishing scam

For those that don’t know, phishing means stealing information.

There’s a high likelihood that they’re stealing your information and trying to sign into other places with the same email and passwords that you used.

They’re probably signing into online wallets, PayPal, credit card companies, and sending money to themselves.

But if that wasn’t enough to have you running for the hills, lets check out even more downsides to using

Read enough? Check out this legit feet-selling service instead Downsides

PayPal Payment Source

PayPal strictly prohibits payments for adult services, and since feet pictures is considered a fetish, using PayPal will get your account banned sooner or later.

Since Onlyfeet is a pretty new platform (1 years old), PayPal probably hasn’t caught onto what they’re doing yet, OR they’re not even paying members (highly likely).

However, all accounts will be frozen and you won’t have access to your money anymore.

I explain more about it in this article. 

Untrusted Platform

One reason there aren’t a lot of sellers making money with Onlyfeet is the fact that they are not a trusted platform.

No one uses .mx domain names, it’s all about .com nowadays.

Anything else just makes it look scammy, and in this case, it really is.

You Won’t Make Money

Making money selling feet pictures is hard enough as it is, even when you’re using trusted platforms like FeetFinder or Okfans.

You’re doing yourself a disservice by sending potential clients to an untrusted platform where they could potentially be hacked and their information stolen.

Even if you manage to get subscribers or someone buying your content, whose to say that they actually pay?

I have yet to find someone that’s making a consistent income from this website and receiving money to their PayPal account.

Do I Recommend

That will have to be a definite no.

Even though it’s possible to make money, the likelihood that you will actually get subscribers and recurring monthly payments is extremely slim.

Also there’s no history of successful payments to content creators.

So you’re really taking a gamble on spending a lot of time creating content and promoting in the hopes that you get some subscribers. And then hoping that they actually pay out.

If you think you can get subscribers easily, just take a look at their “explore” page on Onlyfeet.

It’s absolutely filled with people uploading pictures but NONE of them are getting likes, meaning they have very little or no subscribers whatsoever.

No, I do not recommend due to the potential phishing of information, and the limited history of successful payments made to members.

Verdict: High-risk, potential phishing scam, NOT recommended

Is There a Better Platform To Use?

As mentioned earlier in this article, it’s 100% possible to make real money selling feet pictures online.

However, you have to sign up to a trusted website that has a long history of paying out to members.

I recommend Okfans or even FeetFinder.

My Okfans link is an affiliate link, so if you sign up and get subscribers, I earn a commission for the sale (at no expense to you).

However, I will also help you make the most out of your efforts, so you can start making money as soon as possible.

I’ll help you skip all the mistakes and dive straight into the things that work.

So that’s what I recommend.

Definitely stay far away from and put your efforts into legitimate, proven platforms instead.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

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