Paid 2 Save Review – A Legit Travel Discount Company?

Everyone’s talking about this company but they don’t really explain exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

There’s a lot of jargon about compensation plans, the matrix, recruiting, etc, but none of it makes sense for the average person.

So I’m here to lay it out in plain simple English.

Should you join Paid 2 Save or is this just another MLM pyramid scheme in disguise?

If you know me you know I like to do my research before coming to any conclusions.

So without further ado, lets get right into it.

The Lowdown on Paid 2 Save

Paid 2 Save started in 2013 and was originally released as a discount website with an MLM compensation plan.

Since then they have scrapped that completely and turned themselves into third-party travel discount portal.

Although they do not disclose who their suppliers are which is a red flag in my opinion, because transparency is the first sign of honesty.

Basically they want to establish themselves as direct competitors to Expedia, Trivago and other big travel discount companies.

They want to make travel affordable by offering discounts on flights, hotels, entertainment parks, cruises, and more.

To gain access to these discounts you will need to pay for the monthly membership of $12.95.

There’s also free discounts available through their app.

The $12.95 per month fee makes you a customer to their discounts, but there is also a business opportunity available where you can earn commissions.

The Business Opportunity (Becoming a Partner)

They business opportunity allows people to sell the monthly membership and earn commissions.

The first 15 sales gives you $10 commissions, and then $5 thereafter indefinitely (as long as they stay paying customers).

You will receive a $25 bonus for the first 2 paying customers you bring in.

You’ll also make 40% commissions on sales made through the app.

However, the Business Membership costs a whopping $125 per month.

So that begs the question, can you bring in 12.5 people within the first month to break even?

Unfortunately that’s just not possible for most people.

Now that we’ve established how this whole system works, lets discuss the flaws and things no one talks about, because there is a lot of them.

You Have to Qualify For Commissions

Unfortunately to continue receiving commissions from your downline (people you recruit), the minimum requirement is to maintain 5 subscribers of the retail membership.

You will also have 120 days to make this happen.

This is another big red flag. Offering incentives to recruit more people is what pyramid schemes do to get more people into their systems.

It’s too Expensive

The initial retail membership isn’t what I’m talking about, that’s actually affordable for the average Joe Blogg.

The problem lies within the compensation/business plan.

$125 is far too expensive when you take into consideration the small commissions of the product.

You have to get at least 12.5 paying customers within the first month to break even.

After the first 15 people the commissions go down to $5 per month.

Therefore the commissions in the second month go down to $62.5 per month. You’ll need at least another 12 people in the second month to break even once again.

And that’s IF any of those 12 people from the first month don’t cancel their membership.

That’s a whopping 24 sign ups in 2 month to break even. If you manage any more than that you can start to profit.

I Operate on Facts

As you can see I operate on stats, maths and facts.

I like to lay out “make money opportunities” in a way that makes it more realistic and easy to understand for the average person.

Just because someone says you can earn $5 commissions every month, over and over again, doesn’t mean it’s as simple as that.

As you can see, there are far more things that come into play.

Plus the travel industry isn’t exactly booming right now. There are too many unknowns, so people would rather stay in their own country to be on the safe side.

It’s going to be a hard for anyone selling travel discount memberships.

The Good News

Free Membership

The good news is that they are a legit company with affordable products (the $12.95 membership).

What’s more, they offer a 30-day free trial, allowing potential buyers to try before they buy.

This is a good indicator that Paid 2 Save believes in their products if they’re willing to offer a whole 30-day free membership.

They Offer Business Tools

In the backend you are given access to a travel portal, tools and a replicated website to help you build your business.

Although it’s basic and nothing fancy, it’ll help you get on your toes.

Recurring Membership

There’s a possibility for residual income if you can keep your downline as paying customers.

For example:

100 x $5 commissions = $500 per month

300 x $5 commissions = $1500 per month

Although that’s a basic outline, there’s actually more money to be made due to their compensation plan.

The compensation plan is a very confusing thing, but basically, the more people you recruit and the more people they recruit, the more money you make.

So Is Paid 2 Save Legit or a Pyramid Scheme?


I’ve researched this company extensively and while there are reports of them being a pyramid scheme, those are by people who don’t know better.

The reason some will say they’re scammy is because of the $125 business membership.

I mean, who pays to work, right?

If it’s a business opportunity, shouldn’t they be paying you to work for them?

Well this is incorrect. You pay a monthly fee to get double the points towards a vacation.

You’re not paying to work, you’re paying to travel.

There’s more focus on selling the product than there is to recruit more people, which I can’t say about other MLMs.

In most cases there’s more emphasis on recruiting more and more people, but that’s not the case with Paid 2 Save.

The Verdict? Legit

Do They Have Pyramid Scheme-Like Tendencies?

I mean sure they do, there’s red flags there.

But there’s a big difference between having red flags and having real, genuine intentions for helping people.

There’s many MLM companies that have pyramid scheme-like red flags, and some are even borderline pyramid schemes.

However, the good news is that Paid 2 Save is not one of those companies.

They seem to be one of the realer ones out there, and so I’m happy to say that they are not a pyramid scheme, or a scam, and that they are a legit travel discount website with an OK business opportunity.

My Final Opinion

I’m super glad to see a real opportunity that actually wants to make a difference, I can’t say that about most of them unfortunately.

In saying that, it may not be the best opportunity since commissions are really low, while the monthly membership is expensive.

As I already talked about, it’s going to be far too difficult to break even, even for the expert marketer.

What I Recommend

I highly recommend creating your own business, that way you own everything and no one can take it from you.

That’s what I like about my blogs. I choose what goes on it, no one can take it from me, and my income grows with the more content I write.

If you want to use the same thing as me – check it out here.

Well that concludes this review.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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