Paid Social Media Jobs: This Scam Will Not Make You Money

Whether you want to make a little money online or to replace your full-time job, you need a proven method that’s going to help you achieve those goals.

Are the claims from Paid Social Media Jobs legit and will this program be your ticket to financial freedom?

Fortunately I have been in the internet marketing business for 5 years and know how to spot the scams from the legit opportunities.

And today I’m going to be talking about Paid Social Media Jobs and whether or not you should get involved with this program.

Some of you might be wondering if it’s a scam or legit work from home job that you should buy.

Well I’m glad you landed on this page because I’m going to expose everything about this program so you can make a more informed decision.


What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media Jobs Database

This program claims to help you make hundreds of dollars per week from the comfort of your own home.

Such claims are nothing new.

They also say that you can be making money immediately once you sign up and don’t need any experience.

Some more bold claims that are rarely backed up by internet marketing gurus.

Furthermore, the entire landing page is full of hype, fake income screenshots, fake testimonials, scarcity tactics, and much more.

All of these reflect that of a scam but more research is needed to determine what we are dealing with.

The Training Material

Digging a little deeper I can see that they offer 4 training modules once you pay the one-time fee of $27.

What will you be doing to make all this money that they claim?

Becoming a social media manager.

Now before we move forward let me tell you that a managing different social media accounts is a legit business opportunity and money CAN be made.

Basically, a social media manager is exactly as it sounds, someone who manages an organizations online presence to increase awareness, produce content, manage campaigns, increase sales, and more.

But what they fail to point out is that it’s not as easy as they say.

Just like any online business, most people that try will fail, and you need to work hard to become successful.

They also don’t have enough training resources to get you where you need to be, and you’ll see why soon.

Module 1 – What is a Social Media Manager?

This module explains what a social media manager is all about, and a video that explains why it’s important for businesses and organizations to be have an online presence in this day and age.

Module 2 – Getting Started as a Social Media Manager

This module basically reiterates on the first module, explaining the benefits of having a strong online presence as a business owner and why you should keep on top of your personal social accounts.

Module 3 – Finding Clients

In this section you’ll be told how to find potential clients to work with.

You’ll be contacting local businesses to pitch your services to, what you can offer them, how much you should charge, etc.

Module 4 – Advanced Training

Now this section discusses Facebook advertising to get even more clients.

Just keep in mind that Facebook ads cost a lot of money.

Most of them are a miss and after you’ve spent $500+ on advertising, you might find a winning campaign.

But most people that try Facebook ads will lose money until they start making money back.

Jobs Database

They also have a list of jobs available that you can accept and earn money.

However, this is nothing other than jobs listed on Upwork, Freelancer and other freelance websites.

You can go to these website right now and accept the jobs without paying any money.

The jobs database is nothing more than a list of jobs that you can find for free anyway.

Also the training is generic as it gets as you can find even more in-depth training for free on YouTube.

So What Are You Paying For?

So what are you actually paying for if the training can be found for free on YouTube and Google, and the job listings show jobs from other websites?

In most cases I will say you’re paying for convenience, but 4 modules with generic statements on social media management, along with a list of jobs you can find on freelance websites is far from convenience.

You’re basically giving the owner free money for nothing.

It’s a total scam and there are many red flags and reasons why I have come to that conclusion.

Here’s why.

Paid Social Media Jobs Red Flags

Red Flag

The Owner Is Unknown

The owner stays hidden.

There’s no mention of the owner anywhere which is a telltale sign that they don’t want to be known as a scammer.

If I was flat-out robbing people, there’s no way I would want my real name to be out there either.

This isn’t always the case, but 90% of the time they have something to hide.

They Keep Repackaging It as Something New

This system was called Paid Social Media Jobs with the domain name being, but when you type that into the address bar, you’re redirected to

Once that domain gets exposed, they will then redirect it to something else.

Other reviewers have screenshots of PSMJ referencing other programs that have been exposed as scams.

All of this tells me that they continue to repackage this system as something new by changing the domain name and switching up the landing page to make it appear differently.

Full of Hype

This system is full of hype to make it seem like making money online is easily done, and that anyone can do it just by lifting a finger.

Nothing is easy to come by or everyone will be doing it.

As the saying goes, if someone’s making thousands of dollars per month, do you think they would tell you how to do it for $27?

Definitely not.

So Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

Yes, it’s a scam and I’ll tell you why.

A scam is a dishonest scheme, and there’s really nothing honest in regards to PSMJ.

They don’t offer anything of value, just a few training modules with no substance.

The cold hard truth is that everyone who joins will not make money.

Is it possible? Sure it is, because social media managing jobs is a real thing, but there’s not enough training in this program to even get you started.

You’ll have more questions than answers after going through the “training”.

Paid Social Media Jobs is a scam because you won’t make any money, even if you take action on the training, it’s simply impossible to find the answers you’re looking for.

Is There Anything Good About PSMJ?

I’ll have to give that a hard no.

I don’t think anyone can find anything of value inside the training course that they can’t find on YouTube.

In fact you can get MUCH more value from YT videos without paying a dime.

The only good thing is that there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee due to the fact that it’s sold on

I think Clickbank needs to vet their products better to stop the scams getting through, but I highly doubt they will do that.

They will lose too much money and they know this.

Unfortunately a large majority of business opportunities being sold on Clickbank will be scams, and the only thing I can do is try to expose them before people lose money.

Heck, at least they’re not as bad as JVZoo, 99% of their programs are scams, or trash at best.

Where to From Here?

I know how frustrating it is for people to promise you thousands of dollars overnight and a way to make money but ALWAYS fail to deliver.

I was in that same boat many moons ago, but managed to find something that actually works.

I like to call systems like Paid Social Media Jobs a shiny object, because they look amazing and everyone’s chasing them, but shiny objects do nothing.

This is called shiny object syndrome, running from program to program trying to find something that actually works.

And it sucks because some people spend thousands of dollars and they all end up being scams.

Personally I wasted hundreds of dollars buying new systems and none of them worked.

Some did, some made me a few dollars a day, but none made the quit-your-day-job type of income that I earn now.

I’m talking about building your own online business.

It’s slow, it takes time, hard work, and patience.

But at least it works. This is how I make 4-figures per month so that I don’t have to work for a boss and can do things on my own terms.

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