Part-Time YouTuber Academy Review: Legit or Scam?

What is Part Time YouTuber Academy and will it benefit your YouTube career in anyway? That’s exactly what I want to discuss today in this review.

There are so many courses and “gurus” circling the internet that you don’t know who to trust, because most of them are scammers.

But then you might come across someone that seems legit, has good intentions, has a good system, but completely overpriced.

And that seems like the case with Part Time YouTuber Academy, however, I’d like to do a deep dive into this course and see if it’s really worth it or a waste of money.

Lets get right into it.

What is Part Time YouTuber Academy?

Part Time YouTuber Academy Claims

This is a system created by a man named Ali Abdaal, who amassed an astounding 2.87 million subscribers on YouTube in a short amount of time (a few years).

That’s the main reason why Ali decided to create a course on growing a YouTube channel from scratch and earning 5-figures per month in a short time span.

But we’ll talk more about him soon, I want to explain what this program is all about.

This program focuses on a specific niche of people in the 0 – 100,000 subscriber mark, helping people increase their subscribers, viewers, make more money, and create good content.

That is it in a nutshell.

The program features many tools, guides, a community of like-minded people, and training to help you become a successful YouTuber.

Some of the training includes:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Choosing topics
  • Posting schedule
  • Content templates
  • Branding
  • Video editing
  • Thumbnails
  • Growth strategies
  • And many more

However, more on that shortly.

Lets talk about who this man is and whether he’s worth listening to or not.

Who is Ali Abdaal?

Ali Abdaal Selfie

As mentioned above, he is actually a vlogger that made it almost on accident.

He was merely a doctor posting YouTube videos about living a happier and healthier life.

Or more specifically; productivity hacks, studying tips and revision techniques.

With his great content strategy, he started seeing lots of traction and growth.

Now he makes 5-figures per month from his YouTube channel alone, or 6-figures per year!

An astounding achievement for someone that had no intentions of trying to get big on YouTube.

However, here we are, and now Ali wants to teach others exactly what he done to gain such a fast success story.

What’s Inside Part Time YouTuber Academy?

How to get gear

You don’t have to buy gear in the beginning if you have an Iphone, but it will increase the quality of your videos immensely.

Consider it an investment to your future success.

The cost of gear will be around $1,000 if you get the basics.

You don’t HAVE to buy all of this at once and can slowly purchase them over time.

How to pick a channel and topic

This is not that important in the beginning as you don’t know what is going to stick.

You basically want to post a bunch of different things and see what starts to get traction.

Then once you do that, simply create more of those videos.

That’s exactly what I do with my blogging business.

I create multiple articles on different topics, then create more of what’s working. My first blog made me about $17,000 just from doing this.

How often to post videos

Posting schedule matters, but it’s incredibly important in the beginning stages.

In the beginning your videos are going to be bad, but that’s okay because that’s how everyone starts.

The aim of the game is practice.

The faster you get your 100 videos out of the way, done and dusted, imagine how much better you’ll be after hitting that milestone?

Average time to grow subscribers

This part of the training shows you whether or not you’re on the right track.

They provide an average amount of subscribers VS x amount of videos you have.

Therefore you can see if you’re ahead or if you need to pick up the pace (with content quality and posting).

How to edit videos

A basic rundown and video editing software recommended to use.

Ali walks you a through a video session on how to use the editing software and make your videos stand out.

How to make good thumbnails

Your thumbnail is one of the biggest factors that determines if your video gets clicked or not.

Everyone looks at the thumbnail first, then the title, and then makes their decision before clicking.

This part of the training teaches you how to create a good thumbnail, when to add text, what pictures to choose, etc.

And a whole lot more

You get the gist, it’s a YouTube course dedicated to teaching people how to stand out amongst a competitive social media outlet.

And they provide a lot of good information.

So far I’m impressed.

The Reality of Your First 100 Videos

Something not many people will tell you is that your first 50 videos is going to be all work, no results.

Averagely you should get your first 1000 subscribers somewhere between 50 and 100 videos.

That’s a whole lot of work for miniscule results, but after that it’s a compound effect.

And without a training platform such as this one, most people don’t even get 1000 subscribers until AFTER 100 videos.

Once you start getting noticed, your other videos will get viewed and increase your subscriber count even more.

It’s a snowball effect.

So just because you’re working hard in the beginning without getting anything in return, it all pays off later down the line.

How much longer, you ask?

At least 2 years.

2 years is the benchmark that Ali promises.

He says that if you create 1 video per week for 2 years, you will see 100,000 subscribers.

Part Time YouTuber Academy is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

This system is not a get-rich-quick scheme and Ali emphasizes that from the very beginning, which is something I like to see.

I like someone that’s very honest about their system and what you can expect to get from it.

He says that at the very least you should be creating 1 video per week for at least 2 years.

If you can do that, your life will change dramatically.

Because the snowball effect starts working later on, not in the beginning stages.

The beginning stages is getting in front of the camera and talking about topics, and becoming better and better with each video.

Once you hit 50, 75, and even 100 videos, your videos are going to be a helluva lot better than when you started.

The Price of Part Time YouTuber Academy

The package prices are as follows:

  • Basic level – $1,495
  • Essential level – $2,495
  • Executive level – $4,995

You do not need essential or executive level as everything you need is available in the basic package.

However, the executive level provides 1-on-1 coaching with Ali himself.

Something to consider if you have the money and want to fast track your success.

Keep in mind that they only open the courses a few times per year.

Also refunds are only available if you prove you’ve been through the training and applied what you learned along the way.

You can check availability on their official website.

What Else Do They Offer That Justifies the High Price Tag?


I was very skeptical about Part Time YouTuber Academy before writing this review and checking it all out.

However, the amount of value inside the training is incredible.

Ali Abdaal literally covers everything you need to know to become a better YouTuber.

And because he’s a productivity guru, he explains how you can get more high quality videos out there while doing less.

For example:

He says that it’s easier to get 4 videos done in one sitting rather than filming 4x per week.

Because you have to find the motivation again the next day, then the next day, etc.

He’s actually really smart.

There are other golden nuggets in the training that blows the competition out of the water and puts other YouTube training programs to shame.

But I guess that’s what justifies the high price tag.

The Pros


Ali Abdaal is a trustworthy guy

As I’ve mentioned many times before, it’s hard to trust people on the internet that promises you financial success.

Because most things online are scams and they don’t care whether you make money or not, as long as they get their payday.

However, Ali knows what he’s talking about, he’s done what he teaches, and knows how to create successful YouTube channels from scratch.

Can make a lot of money

Don’t think of this as a get-rich-quick scheme, because anyone with that mentality always gets let down, because they don’t exist.

However, it sure is a viable YouTube training program for someone interested in becoming a YouTuber.

So long as you have a few grand to buy the course and equipment.

Lots of value

The training is second to none compared to some of the other training programs I’ve seen online.

Ali Abdaal breaks down pretty much everything, so you have an outline to follow for all of your videos, stand out from the crowd, and become successful faster than doing it yourself.

The Cons


Hefty investment

First and foremost you’re going to have to pay $1,495 for the basic package alone, then another $1,000 for the equipment.

It’s certainly an investment that you must take seriously if you don’t want to lose your money!

Requires a lot of spare time

One video per week might seem super simple, but ask any YouTuber and they’ll tell you even that’s a lot of work.

However, take into consideration going through the training material, niche research, buying the equipment, setting up your stage, editing your videos, and more.

Of course in the beginning it will require more of your time because there’s a huge learning curve, but after that, one video per week will get easier.

Is Part Time YouTuber Academy Legit or a Scam?

I’m glad to say that this system is legit and Ali is true to his word.

Basically, if you create at least one video per week for 2 years straight, you’re going to see immense growth and 100,000 subscribers.

It’s definitely possible with the right training and a reputable guy behind it.

So yes, Part Time YouTuber Academy is legit and a great way to take your YouTube career to the next level.

Verdict: Very pricey but worth it.

Is There an Alternative?

I usually bash these programs, because as you know, most people are scammers and only care about taking other peoples money.

Therefore I have to keep my guard up until I’m proven otherwise.

There is one other program that I recommend FAR more than Part Time YouTuber Academy, and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

I create blogs and monetize them with affiliate marketing.

The blog you’re on now is only 8 months old and makes me $500 per month. I’m trying to hit 1k per month within its first year.

So I’ve been blogging like a maniac.

Here’s the traffic stats since I started 8 months ago. Increasing everyday!

Broke Influencers Traffic Stats

I also have other blogs which are monetized with Amazons Associates program.

Why Blogging is Better Than YouTube

As you can see, blogging is a much faster way at making money if that’s your end goal.

If you want to become a famous YouTuber or be noticed everywhere you go, then of course, YouTube is for you.

But if you want to stay more low-key while still living life on your own terms, blogging is better suited.

You also don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in training or buying equipment.

The same program that I used has a free trial and taught me everything I know to become a successful blogger.

See you on the other side!

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