Playsmart App Review: Cannot Be Trusted

Playsmart is an app that you can download on your mobile device, play games and earn real money. Although that’s what they claim.

As you are about to find out, it’s not all as it seems when it comes to this money-making app.

Firstly, they have been removed from Google Playstore for reporting legitimate reviews.

And some people aren’t getting paid while others are.

It seems that this app has gone downhill from when they were removed from the Playstore and probably won’t make a come back.

But anyway, you should keep reading this review for the truth as well as a great alternative at the end of this article (for making REAL money online).

Lets get started.

What is the Playsmart App?

This app used to be on the Google Playstore until it was recently removed for reporting negative reviews, although these reviews were actually legit from people who played and used the app.

However, more on that later.

You can still find it on other app stores, download and play the games for money.

Basically Playsmart acts as a middleman and connects gamers (you) to game creators.

The hardest part about getting a mobile game popular is finding the people to play and leave reviews.

However, connecting gamers to games via a middleman such as Playsmart allows new games to get off the ground, essentially.

How Does Playsmart Make Money?

They make their money through downloads and play-time.

The more games you download and the longer you play, the more money Playsmart makes.

Therefore they make money from their users, and they’re supposed to give a cut of that money to you.

This is the general gist of it, and there are a lot of apps out there like this, but most of them are scams and don’t pay their members.

Before we move forward to my consensus of this app, let me explain how you make money and some of the red flags.

How Do You Make Money With Playsmart?

Playsmart Coins

Basically, you’ll be downloading games and earning a currency called “coins” for every minute you play the game.

These coins can then be converted into PayPal cash or gift cards later on.

Also some games pay more than others, and you’ll be told how much the game pays before downloading.

However, coins earned will go down over time the longer you play the game.

So to keep earning more money per minute, you will need to constantly download different games.

This can be a problem for some people as there are a limited amount of games as it is.

Playsmart Red Flags

Red Flag


I have been reviewing make-money apps, gaming apps, online opportunities, and everything else since 2016 and have seem them all.

I know what the red flags are that sum up a shady business.

And I’ll point them out below.

Shady owners

The owners have a history of being shady, reporting reviews and getting themselves removed from one of the biggest app stores in the world.

People getting banned for no reason

For the most part it’s not uncommon for people to get banned for cheating, using auto-clicking bots, etc.

But there’s far too many people saying they’re getting banned for no reason whatsoever, especially when they had money in their account or when they tried to cash out.

Note: The good news is that these are the only 2 red flags I could find. That still, does not make them legit nor a scam, but definitely cannot be trusted and NOT recommended.

Referral Program

As with most apps and online services, they have a referral program.

This feature allows you to earn coins just by inviting your friends to the app.

You’ll get 50 coins per referee and another 100 coins when they reach level 4.

In comparison, other referral programs pay you a small percentage of what your referee earns, making you more money in the long run.

So basically this referral program sucks since you only earn once.



  • Fun games to kill time
  • Low minimum payout threshold ($0.50)
  • Offers PayPal cash and gift cards as rewards



  • Can’t be trusted
  • Shady owners
  • Incredibly low earnings
  • Takes way too long to receive minimum payout, even though it’s only $0.50

Is Playsmart App Legit and Paying or Scam?

As I mentioned earlier, they have shady owners who report legit reviews from people saying negative things about their app.

This got them straight up booted from the Google Playstore.

This is a huge red flag that the owners are not genuine people and do not care about the concerns of their people.

Another red flag is the fact that some people get paid and some do not.

After reviewing apps like these for the last 6 years, I can already tell the reason for this.

They were once legit and had good intentions when they were on the Google Playstore, but started banning people so they didn’t have to pay them.

Most likely to keep the money for themselves.

Now that they’ve been removed, they are not paying anyone anymore money and have no intentions to.

Verdict: Playsmart was once a legit app that paid their members, but lately they cannot be trusted and are probably running a scam.

Is There a Playsmart Alternative?

The reason you probably found Playsmart in the first place is because you’re looking to make money from home, or at the very least, your mobile device.

Unfortunately most things online nowadays completely suck, or are downright scams.

Playsmart is one such app that cannot be trusted, and even if they can, earnings are way too low to make a noticeable difference in your monthly income.

So now I want to show you how I make money online.

I just make blogs targeting a niche, usually my passion, write content, rank in Google and get traffic.

Once the traffic starts coming in, so does the money as I get paid through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing simply means I sell other peoples products for a commission.

Everything I learned they teach at Wealthy Affiliate. They also have a free trial which is the reason I joined in the first place.

I Get It, You Just Want to Make Money Online

I get why people fall for apps like these and other “opportunities” that only end up scamming them.

I’ve been in those shoes many years ago and know what it’s like to be roped into a scam.

It’s much worse than it was when I first started, which is why you can’t waste anymore time on apps that pay pennies.

Or jumping from system to system.

Because this only wastes more time, time that could be used building your own online business.

The very best way to make money online these days, in my opinion, is creating a blog and adding content.

At least you have 100% ownership of your blog and earnings are dependent on how many articles you have.

As a rule of thumb, the more articles you have the more money you make.

Someone with 500 articles will make more money per month than someone with 100.

It’s a simple numbers game which is why I recommend it to everyone trying to find their way in the online money-making world.

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