Is ProTypers Legit or a Scam? (It’s Not Looking Good)

ProTypers is a website where you can earn money by typing out captchas. Real real money can be made as long as you’re willing to play the long game.

However, after reading this review you might end up rethinking your involvement with this company.

Not because it may or may not be a scam, but simply because it’s not a wise opportunity if you’re looking to make any serious money.

But there’s some more stuff we need to talk about, so keep reading this ProTypers review.

What Exactly is ProTypers?


As mentioned above, it is a website that pays you for filling out captchas.

It is a super simple way of making money online and doesn’t require much effort.

The hardest part is getting 500 clean captchas in one day (without making ANY mistakes) and getting every captcha done in the 15 second time limit.

If you don’t complete a captcha within 15 seconds, you will be kicked out and given 1 strike on your account.

If you are kicked out 10x within 24 hours, you will be banned.

This typical make money online program requires a lot of concentration, so you don’t end up getting distracted and getting strikes on your account.

However, this is just one of the many problems that ProTypers faces, but more on that soon.

Lets talk about the other ways you can earn money through ProTypers.

The Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is completely trash in my opinion, but nonetheless, it is there for anyone that wants to recruit friends and family.

It offers 10% commissions on all your downlines earnings, but in order to receive them, you need at least 5 referees to receive their payout.

In saying that, it’s incredibly difficult to get to minimum payout as it is, let alone 5 of your referees reaching the minimum threshold.

Again, another problem that I will address shortly.


The third option to make money with ProTypers is to participate in their TyperDraw program.

It’s pretty much a lottery draw system where you can win a significant amount of money by purchasing a lottery ticket.

You can use the money from your existing earnings to buy tickets which is pretty cool.

Also you can only buy tickets once you’ve received your first payout.

I see it as a little incentive for people to keep using the website after their first paycheck.

However, earnings isn’t guaranteed with the lottery draw, so don’t expect anything from this. Consider it a little bonus if you win.

The Problems With ProTypers

They make it difficult to get your money

Okay, so we’re at this side of the review where we have to talk about the negatives and positives.

Firstly I want to say that the owners of ProTypers want to make it difficult for anyone to receive their earnings. This is just from my personal observation.

You need to hit a minimum of $3 for Typer Credits (if you withdraw via PayPal), along with 50 TyperPoints.

TyperPoints are earned by getting 500 clean captchas in one day.

This is a complete joke.

It’s going to take almost 2 months to get the required amount of TyperPoints, taking into consideration that you work on it every single day, which isn’t really possible for most people.

Takes a long time to reach minimum payout

Firstly you need to work on it pretty much every single day if you want to receive your earnings in 2 months time.

And since you only earn about $0.60 per 1000 captchas completed, you are looking at about $15 after 500 captchas per day, for 2 months straight.

500 captchas is going to take you about 1.5 hours, not including distractions and loading times to load up new images.

1.5 hours x 50 days = 75 hours of work, for $15 measly dollars is not a wise use of your time if I may say so myself.

Their affiliate program is completely trash

If that wasn’t bad enough, the affiliate program is even worse.

You should never have to fight to promote someone else’s product or service.

It should be readily available for anyone and everyone.

You can go on and start promoting products as soon as you sign up, no requirements needed!

But PT want you to get 5 referees that make minimum payout before you receive your earnings? Aw hell to the no.

I do not see 5 people working for 2 months straight, every single day, for $15.

This affiliate program is just not possible, and ProTypers knows this.

The Good Things About ProTypers

Honestly I really don’t think there’s anything good about ProTypers.

I’ll go as far to say that at least 99.9% of people who join will not reach minimum payout.

Now the other 1% is questionable whether they’re actually receiving their earnings or not.

Considering that they make it difficult to reach minimum payout, and others are saying they’re getting banned for no reason, I’d put money on it that they are scamming people.

What I Really Think About ProTypers

ProTypers makes it incredibly difficult for you to get your money so they don’t have to pay you.

This isn’t even questionable.

They know how long it’s going to take to reach minimum payout, and they know most people aren’t going to stick it out for that long.

The people making money with this program are probably earning pennies, and they’ve been using this program for so long that they don’t see how much time they’re wasting.

This is a completely trash online money making program that you should stay as far away from as possible.

Is ProTypers a Scam?

It’s hard to say if it’s a scam or not, because there’s only a small amount of people (if ANY) receiving minimum payout, and not enough feedback to come to a definite conclusion.

But let me say that all the red flags are there and that they are more likely scamming people than not.

Scam Verdict:

Regarding it being a scam, I will say they are 90% a scam and 10% legit.

Now I’ll let you make up your own mind.

One things for sure, it’s a completely waste of your time and energy no matter if it’s legit or not.

Spend your time wisely, do something that can benefit you in better ways than earning $15 after 2 months.

Is There a ProTypers Alternative?

There are thousands of online opportunities out there, some are good, some are bad, and most of them are scams.

I’ve done it all so I know what’s out there and I know that most things suck.

Believe it or not I tried the whole captcha thing many years ago when I first started looking at making money online.

That lasted all 30 minutes until I realized how much time I was wasting.

Now I make a full-time income from the comfort of my own home by creating blogs like the one you’re on now.

I use Amazons associates program to make most of my income.

Basically I grab a link for a product and earn a commission when I make a sale.

When you’re receiving thousands of visitors per day to your blog, this is a full-time income that can earn you more money than your regular job.

And that’s why I love it so much.

Here’s the same program that I used.

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