What is the QLA System by Dan Peña? An Unbiased Review

I’ve seen this man called Dan Peña everywhere and wondered who he was. Turns out he’s a multimillionaire who teaches others how to create wealth.

I looked everywhere to see what his system is all about called the QLA program.

And I couldn’t find much about it, probably cause his courses are incredibly expensive.

However, I did manage to dig some things up that will explain what the QLA System is all about and whether or not you should get it for yourself.

What is the QLA System?

QLA stands for the Quantum Leap Advantage, a business system from a Mexican-American man named Dan Peña.

Dan Peña 2

The Quantum Leap Advantage system teaches people how to build wealth from zero dollars and become a millionaire, or even a billionaire.

They also teach you the mindset it takes to become successful at making money.

Basically, you have to be hungry, you have to be obsessed with making money.

It’s just like anything in life. If you want something that bad, you’ll do anything in your power to get it.

I’m always hungry for more money, it’s the reason why I’m still chasing fat stacks after creating many successful online businesses.

I never settle, and that’s the sort of mindset you need to build a business and make lots of money.

Dan Peña preaches that high self-esteem is one if the biggest traits you need in order to become successful, which I’ll have to agree with.

High self-esteem allows you to push through the hard times and keep going until you reach your goals.

This “snowflake generation” as Dan Peña so bluntly puts it, have no self-esteem and simply melts under pressure.

How Does QLA Work?

QLA has a few steps in place in order to help you reach success.

These are:

  • Creating a personal foundation
  • Clarify your vision
  • Building your perception
  • Creating your dream team, including your friends and people you hang around with
  • Your quantum leap action plan
  • Pay yourself
  • Creating an exit strategy

Dan Peña’s approach to getting wealthy works like this.

In a nutshell, you’ll be building a business (or buying), scaling it up to as many figures as possible, and then selling it.

Rinse and repeat.

This allows you to earn big chunks of money at a time.

You will also not be using your own money, Dan Peña emphasizes that you’ll be using money borrowed from commercial banks.

Then you can use that money to buy business, build them up, then sell for more.

Is Dan Peña a Trustworthy Guy?

Dan Peña has gone to jail 5 times for drink driving and alcohol-related charges, so nothing to do with scamming or fraud.

Dan Peña was not born into wealth and actually had a tough upbringing.

It’s how he learnt to become a hardened individual and fight through the tough times.

It’s also the reason he hates on the “snowflake generation”, because he sees how easily they melt under pressure and couldn’t fight to save their lives if they had to.

But yes, Dan Peña is someone to trust as he’s actually made a ton of money and now teaches others how to do the same.

What is QLA for Dummies?

QLA for Dummies is in a nutshell, a crash course to see if you qualify, along with some actionable-steps to start bettering your future.

The 7 steps include:

  • Reading a few recommended books to create a good foundation
  • Getting out of your comfort zone and away from conventional wisdom
  • Develop and maintain your self-esteem
  • Setup bodacious goals and dream big
  • Laser beam focus on the task at hand, don’t slip into old habits
  • Embody the QLA methodology
  • Take the success test, snowflake test, and super success test

One of Dan Peña’s philosophies that he recommends is to dream big and set goals you never think you can reach.

This will cause you to work harder than you ever thought imaginable and you’ll actually get where you wanted to be in the first place.

How Much is a QLA Seminar?

Dan Peña Seminar

A QLA seminar is held at Dan’s estate, the Guthrie Castle, Scotland.

The seminar goes for a total of 7-days, costs around $25,000 – $30,000, and includes audio and video presentations on how to build generational wealth.

Is the seminar worth it?

As you all know, you should invest in yourself before investing in anything else.

So investing in a seminar by a multi-millionaire to teach you how to make money can definitely be worth it, IF you have the funds to do it.

That is the key.

Yes it will help you make more money, but if you’re on your last $25,000, it might not be the best investment.

If you have the money to do it, I say go for it, it can really change your life.

What I Personally Think About Dan Peña and the QLA System

Dan Peña is a good person with a good heart and good intentions.

So far I see no red flags, just an old geezer that wants to share his knowledge on how he’s made millions and millions of dollars.

However, there are some things that I don’t like.

For one, his methods are outdated. We are in the digital age. There are FAR better ways to make money and build wealth.

Secondly, he makes it sound like you’ll be making money without lifting a finger.

This is far from the truth. You’ll be working harder than you’ve ever worked before to make the sort of money he’s talking about.

But other than that, I like Dan Peña and think he has a lot of great insight into the world of building wealth.

Is QLA Legit or a Scam?

The thing is, everyone in the online space has haters.

Even some of the most successful and reputable entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez has haters.

The haters constantly downplay their success and their ability to make money.

They think they’re scamming others to make all their money, when this is far from the truth.

It’s only a problem when so-called “gurus” have never accomplished anything in their life, and now they’re using rehashed business information from around the web to sell as their own.

But Dan has already proven that he knows how to create successful businesses, and he’s made more money than most people can only dream of.

Mr Peña turned $820 into $450 million in 8 short years.

Verdict: Legit but expensive and outdated

Is There a QLA Alternative?

As I mentioned above, there are far better ways to make money in this day and age.

You don’t have to go borrowing money from the bank and getting yourself into debt.

You can make money from scratch in many ways, but my favorite is creating a blog, writing content, ranking in Google and making sales via affiliate marketing.

It’s what I’ve been doing since 2016 and recommend to anyone trying to make money online.

Because as we all know, supplementing your monthly income is a necessity and not optional anymore.

Here’s the same system I’ve been using since 2016.

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