Rat Race Rebellion: Scam or Legit Job Opportunity?

Rat Race Rebellion is not a get-rich-quick scheme or an easy way of making money from home, but it may be a viable option for those seeking extra income.

The thing about RRR is that you’ll be joining companies as an independent contractor.

Some of the jobs require you to work 40 hours and some only 20 hours.

Some require lots of qualifications, and some don’t ask for much.

However, there’s more to talk about and that’s what this review is all about.

I want to explain exactly what Race Race Rebellion is, who it’s for, and if it’s a good opportunity to get into or not.


Rat Race Rebellion Review

Name: Rat Race Rebellion
Owner: Christine Durst and Michael Haaren
Price: Free or $49 one-time
Type: Finding work from home jobs
Income Potential: Medium
Overall Rating: 70/100

What Is Rat Race Rebellion?

Race Race Rebellion is a third-party websites that lists opportunities from various different sources.

Basically, they don’t provide the jobs, nor do they pay you for the work you do.

They are a service that lists the jobs, and it’s your responsibility to apply for the different opportunities available.

Of course scammers can take advantage of this system to try and get their jobs listed on the website, and some might even slip through the cracks now and then.

However, Rat Race does their best to screen the various different job opportunities so that doesn’t happen.

What Types of Jobs Do They Offer?

Rat Race Rebellion Jobs

There are many different jobs available, but a lot of them will require you to have some experience in the field already.

One might need 1-year experience and some qualifications before they even view your application.

Another may only require a microphone and screen recorder as you review websites.

Yes, people will pay you to voice your opinion on their website, and they’ll pay handsomely ($10 – $100 per review).

Although these jobs aren’t always easy to get into because everyone’s fighting for them.

But if you can land yourself a job like this, it can pay very nicely for doing a couple of hours work a day.

Types of jobs include:

  • Copywrighter
  • Freelance Voice Over Artist
  • Business Analyst
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Completing Surveys
  • Community Manager
  • Captioning Agents
  • And much, much more

You can view the full list of jobs here. 

Can Rat Race Replace Your Regular 9 – 5 Job?

Considering the website is called Rat Race Rebellion, you would assume that you’ll be kicking your 9 – 5 to the curb in no time.

Is it possible that the jobs can replace your current 9 – 5?

Yes, if you can cop one of the better jobs.

But the chances of that happening are low.

There are lots of people fighting for the good jobs, some of them have all the experience and qualifications needed.

So I’m not saying that it’s not impossible, but you’ll have to keep applying to jobs before you get accepted.

Are People Having Success and Making Money?

That’s another yes.

Rat Race Rebellion has been going since 1999 (21 years) and has established themselves as one of the best job listing companies on the net.

They have a good screening process to make sure the scammers don’t get through, and they have a wide range of opportunities to allow the average Joe Bloggs to find something for them.

Earnings are all determined on the type of job you have.

Some might pay $3 per hour and one might even pay $20+ per hour.

I find that the more qualifications and experiences you have, the easier it is to land a professional job that pays better.

The ones that don’t require much pay less, but they’re also easier to get into 🙂

How Long Does It Take to Make Money?

This is one of the downsides to Rat Race Rebellion.

There are thousands and thousands of opportunities to apply for, and you’ll need to apply for a lot of them before you get accepted.

Quantity is the name of the game, just like applying for a job in real life.

You have to apply, apply, and apply some more.

Eventually you’ll get accepted into a job and can begin making money.

It can take days, weeks, and sometimes a month before you get accepted into a job, but once you do, you can start working and earning an income.

Pros and Cons


There’s a Variety of Jobs Available

There are literally thousands of jobs available so that anyone and everyone can find something for them.

They remove job listings that have been filled and adds new ones everyday, making them one of the most up-to-date job listing resource on the world wide web.

Opens Up Many Doors

Some of the listings are from some of the biggest companies in the world.

I saw one from Netflix that wanted a Production Support Specialist.

Netflix Job Position

I mean, if I got to tell people that I’m a Production Support Specialist for Netflix, I think that would be pretty darn cool.

Learning new skills and gaining experience in different industries can open up many doors that wouldn’t have opened for you before.

So this is one of the biggest positives to Rat Race Rebellion.

Free to Glance

It is completely free to scour their website and check out the jobs available.

I know some other websites require a small fee before joining, but Rat Race Rebellion doesn’t ask for any money (unless you join the course which I’ll talk about soon).

Proven Track Record

I also like that they’ve been going for 21 years.

That says something about who they are, what their intentions are, and how successful they are at matching jobseekers with employers.

According to Google Trends they peaked in March of 2020 (when the first lockdown hit) and then slowly declined.

It seems to be making an upward trend again so that’s a good sign that it will keep growing.

Rat Race Rebellion Google Trends


Can Be Overwhelming

Of course the more options we are given, the less action we are going to take. This happens with everything in life.

Scrolling and reading through the different job opportunities can be overwhelming and can take a long time before we do anything.

Most of the Jobs are For US Residents

Most of the jobs – especially in the professional field – only want US residents.

This makes it harder for international residents, like me, who are in other countries.

However if you’re from the USA, you’re more likely to land a good paying job.

Can Take a Long Time to Get Accepted

One of the other cons is that you won’t be jumping into a job and making bank straight away.

You will need to apply for lots of jobs before being accepted.

The good news is that there are smaller jobs that don’t require anything, such as completing surveys, scanning your receipts, cash-back programs, and more.

The Course

They also have a course available that helps jobseekers find work faster.

If you check out the screenshot below, you will see a little snippet from the RRR website showcasing what you will get inside the course.

Rat Race Rebellion Course

The course costs $49 one-time and offers hours of video training that teaches how to find a suitable job for you.

Is The Course Worth It?


There is a lot of value inside the training.

They teach things that you don’t hear about anywhere else, especially the module that shows you how to sneak into company websites and find available positions.

Or using Google as your personal job search partner.

Basically it’s an all-in-one system that cuts out months of research.

It is indeed exactly what they say it is, a course to land your ideal work from home job in less than 30 days.

Heck yes it’s worth it.

Is Rat Race Rebellion Legit or a Scam? (The Verdict)

Rat Race Rebellion was created to match jobseekers with employers, and after 21 years it looks like they’ve kept true to their mission.

They have a pretty good screening process, stopping scammers from advertising their “opportunities”, and keeping the jobs as legit as possible.

I have no qualms about them because they don’t overpromise or under deliver.

They simply say what they offer and let you make your own decision.

Even their landing page isn’t hyped with insane income claims or promises of getting rich without lifting a finger.

I’m pleased to say that Rat Race Rebellion is as legit as they come and you can count on them to find a legit work from home job.

My Own Work From Home Opportunity

So I’m just going to cut to the chase since we’re on the subject of working from home.

I’ve created a 4-figure per month business simply by building websites, writing content and ranking them in the search engines.

I found this method after falling for scam after scam. It was the only thing that worked for me after years of failing.

I’m not going to bore you with a rags-to-riches, but I am definitely earning more than my regular 9 – 5.

You can check it out here if you’re interested.

Otherwise I thank you for reading my Rat Race Rebellion review.

All questions and concerns are welcome in the comments below.

Cheers and have a great day.

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