Secret Email System Review – Matt Bacak Is a Liar and I’ll Tell You Why

I’ve heard these claims time and time again. The ones that say you only have to work 30 minutes per day and you can make bank without doing much work.

The “system” which I am reviewing today is called Secret Email System, and supposedly they will create an automated business machine for you.

Doesn’t this sound like the typical “too good to be true” scam you see literally everywhere on the internet?

I understand it’s a marketing tactic to get more sales, but it’s incredibly misleading and only lets everyone down that are serious about changing their life.

However, I have reviewed HUNDREDS of systems just like Secret Email System and 99% of them end up being scams.

What makes Secret Email System different? If at all?

Lets get right into this review and see what we can find.

What is the Secret Email System?

Secret Email System Ebook

The Secret Email System is an email marketing training program created by a man named Matt Bacak.

Who is Matt?

A very successful internet entrepreneur who makes a good living from selling courses and programs on the internet.

However, most of these gurus make all their money by telling others how to make money online.

And that is a huge problem. Because they haven’t achieved anything other than the fact that they can sell courses on a pipe dream.

Basically, taking advantage of normal/everyday people that are looking for a way out of the rat race.

Then you have people like Matt Bacak that promise you 7-figures with 30 minutes of work.

This is a huge problem with these online gurus and it’s why I don’t claim to be a guru myself.

I am just a normal person that joined scam after scam until I started my own online business, which was a simple blog that sells Amazon products.

But more on that later.

Now that you know about the owner of this program, lets talk about what it is and what do you get out of it.

How the Secret Email System Works

Secret Email System Process

First and foremost, the Secret Email System teaches you all about email marketing, which if you don’t know, is collecting emails (leads), and selling affiliate products to them.

This is a tried and true method that has worked since the beginning of the internet and will continue to work indefinitely.

However, there are more problems than I can count on both hands, but I’ll talk about those soon.

Here’s how the Secret Email System works in a nutshell

  • You purchase a domain name
  • Create a landing page for your domain name (a one-page website)
  • Collect emails with the landing page by purchasing traffic
  • Create an autoresponder using an email marketing service. This allows you to “schedule” emails to your audience so you don’t have to send emails every single day
  • Promote affiliate products and make money

That’s how Secret Email Systems claims you will make money, which is definitely viable and does work, however as I said before, there is a lot of problems that I want to talk about.

The Problems With Secret Email System (Why It Won’t Work For Most People)

It Takes Much Longer Than You Think

Contrary to what they claim on the official product page, it does NOT take 30 minutes per day to make 7-figures.

This is a complete and utter lie, designed to make it look like a super simple method and make the owner more money.

There is SO much to learn about email marketing and selling products.

You’ll be on your computer for hours every single day, especially in the beginning stages, and won’t make money for a long time.

Hidden Costs

The price of the course is $5.60 and then you have to pay for an autoresponder ($19/month, and paid traffic (anywhere between $500 – $2000+)

They claim on the product page that they don’t use free traffic methods, because free stuff is usually valueless.

That’s pretty funny considering the price of SES is a measly $5.60. If it offered anything of value it’ll be worth much more.

In saying that, you’re going to have to fork out for paid traffic as well, one of them being solo ads.

I recently done a review on Click Wealth System, and they offered the exact same things, big promises and a pipe dream, with the same type of training.

Their source of traffic was solo ads, and I explained in that article that you’ll need to pay at least $500 for 50 leads, which means you’ll need try and make $500 from people 50 just to break even (which is nearly impossible).

It’s just not attainable for the average person.

You Won’t Stand Out

The other problem with SES is that you’re using generic email swipes that make you look spammy and like a bot.

You won’t stand out, and your emails will stop getting opened because all you’re doing is promoting, promoting, and promoting.

People get sick of being sold to, so you’ll just end up being ignored or in the spam folder.

Even if you do manage to make some money, it’s going to take a long time to make a profit due to the massive amount of money you’ll be spending to build your email list.

There’s a Huge Learning Curve

Something that none of these online gurus will tell you is that any online business venture takes a lot of time and learning to master, as with anything in life.

You are by no means going to spend 30 minutes on it per day and make bank.

It’s possible that Matt Bacak makes 7-figures per year with 30 minutes of work per day, but he has mastered the art of selling.

He’s been an internet marketer since the late 90s, so he knows how to sell to people and has a massive email list.

Therefore he can schedule a few emails to send out that week and make a ton of money.

But for the average person? That’s just not possible at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money with the Secret Email System?

Yes, it’s possible to make money with this program, but you will not make money with 30 minutes of work per day.

Expect to spend at least 1 – 2 hours of work per day, and many weeks and months before you start to get a profit back.

Oh, and a ton of money out of your pocket before you start to see any $$$ for your efforts.

Is it good for newbies?

That is definitely no.

The thing is, this system teaches you how to spam emails every single day, which will not only give you a bad name online, but you’re not going to learn much.

You’re learning how to constantly pitch and promote products and become a spammer and a fake guru.

You’ll end up promising other people a pipe dream just to make a sale, when you haven’t even achieved the life that you’re trying to sell yourself.

See the problem?

Are there hidden fees?

Yes, and I actually like that Matt makes it known on the official product page that you won’t be focusing on free traffic strategies.

If you read between the lines, this means you will be required to invest into paid traffic.

Paid traffic is an okay strategy, but only for those that have the investment and money they don’t mind losing.

Because this business is all about failing until you find a winner. You’ll be spending lots of money before you find a winning traffic source and product.

Does email marketing work?

Yes, email marketing has worked since the beginning of the internet and will continue to work for a very long time.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It’s far more difficult than capturing leads and selling products.

You have to provide value and build a relationship with your audience. Therefore the majority of your emails should be of you providing valuable information about the niche you’re in.

However, Secret Email System doesn’t teach any of that. They teach you how to spam with generic email swipes.

Does Matt Bacak make money?

Yes, but the money he makes is from people buying his courses and from selling other peoples courses.

These are what you call “make-money online gurus”.

They make all their money by telling other people how to make money online, and then live a lavish lifestyle.

Then they can flash their lifestyle and promise other people a way out of the rat race, while providing valueless affiliate products that they know for a fact that will not work for newbies.

My Honest Opinion on the Secret Email System

Honestly, Secret Email System offers absolutely nothing new to the game of internet marketing.

It’s just another hyped up system with big promises that fails to deliver.

It’s made for the sole purpose of making the owner and their affiliates richer (the people that get a commission for promoting it), and that’s about it.

I can pretty much guarantee that most people will not make a dime from using this system.

If it was SO easy to make money selling affiliate products, everyone would be doing it and no one would have to work real jobs.

But the fact that it’s difficult means most people cannot do it.

In my opinion, even if you take it seriously, you’ll go through the training, pay hundreds of dollars for paid traffic, and end up quitting in the first couple of days due to not seeing any return on your investment.

Therefore it is not recommended.

And that brings me to the overall verdict; is it a scam?

Is Secret Email System a Scam? Or a Legit Way to Make Money Online?

Some people would not call this a scam because they do offer something of value for your money.

However, in my opinion it most definitely is a scam and I’ll tell you why.

In the dictionary a scam is a dishonest scheme.

Secret Email System is dishonest in every single way possible.

The sales page is filled with nothing but lies.

  • You won’t make 7-figures
  • You won’t make money with 30 minutes of work per day
  • It is not a “business machine” that works for you
  • It is not a “new and improved” way to make money online
  • And it’s definitely not as easy as they make it sound

Secret Email System is a scam due to the fact that it’s full of lies, hype, and big promises that no one will ever achieve while using this program.

If you disagree with me, let me know in the comments below. Otherwise I rest my case.

Pros and Cons



  • It’s possible to make money
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cheap price tag (cheap doesn’t mean good)
  • A good introduction to email marketing



  • Full of hype
  • Sells a pipe dream
  • They make it sound easier than it really is
  • They teach you how to spam people, which doesn’t work as good as it use to
  • Hidden fees
  • Not good for newbies

What Do You Get Inside the Secret Email System?

The price of the standard course costs $5.60, which gives you access to the standard Secret Email System e-book, along with the bonuses.

The bonuses include:

  • Irresistible Offer Video Guide
  • Secret Email System Checklist
  • 3x Formula Calculator
  • Mill Email Swipe File (1,000 Emails)
  • My Secret 357,582 Lead Gen Template
  • 10,978 New Leads—Daily Masterclass
  • Secret Of Millionaire Mind Book
  • Gigantic Swipe File Book
  • Free Breakthrough Session With My Team
  • My Private Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • Access to the private Facebook group of 20,000+ email marketers

However, as I mentioned above, you will be required to pay more money for paid traffic and an autoresponder.

The autoresponder is affordable ($19/month), but the paid traffic sources will bleed you dry.

Even if you spend $1,000 on paid traffic, you’re still not guaranteed any of that money back due to the fact that selling products isn’t easy.

And you’ll just look like a desperate spammer trying to sell people a pipe dream to make money.

All-in-all it’s not a good option to make money online.

So How Do You Make Money Online?

I get it, you’re sick of the scams, being lied to, being taken advantage of, and the list goes on.

I was in your shoes up until 6 years ago, when I found a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

The owners have been making money online by creating blogs since 2004 and created a system that teaches other people how to make money online.

See the difference?

They made all their money by creating niche blogs and selling affiliate products.

They were already making money before creating their course, meaning they have done what they teach.

Unlike these other online gurus that make all their money by selling valueless courses that never actually work.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson, and they are the most down-to-earth people I have seen in the online marketing space.

They don’t sell a dream, they teach you how to create your own online business, simply by creating a blog about something you’re interested in/your passion, and monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing.

For example:

Lets say you create a blog on painting nails.

You can write helpful articles teaching others your tips and tricks, while linking to Amazon products and getting paid a commission.

That’s how you create a real online business.

Once you start ranking in Google for the low-competition keywords you’re targeting, you’ll start to get hundreds of visitors to your blog per day.

Create more articles and you’ll eventually hit 1000+ visitors per day. 1000 visitors per day usually results in a full-time income.

And you can get started today (they have a free trial).

Check out my review for the low-down

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