Easiest Way to Sell Feet Pics on Tinder

As an entrepreneur I’m always finding ways to make more money. In this case it’ll be selling feet pictures on Tinder.

Before we get started;

I want to mention that I do not sell feet pics but I know people who do and use Tinder as their marketing tool.

However, you need to be careful when trying to sell anything on Tinder.

Tinder blacklists certain words to stop people using their system to sell stuff.

If you’re caught putting in your bio “selling”, “sell”, or any mention of money, chances are you’ll get banned instantly.

Even if it’s in the DMs.

Instead of selling directly on Tinder, we’ll be directing the traffic we get from Tinder and selling elsewhere.

Here’s how.

Set Up Your Profile to Attract Nice Guys

Tinder Profile

Nice guys are the ones with your money, they are the ones that buy feet pictures.

You don’t need the bad boys because they’re getting girls anyway, and they don’t want feet pictures.

So you need to set up your profile in a way that attracts the nice guys who aren’t getting girls.

This is easily done in your bio.

Bio Ideas

Simplicity is key.

I’ve used them and they all work, so you can use them too.

  • Sick of players. Where’s all the nice guys? (literally used this one today and got 50 friend requests to my other social media)
  • Just want a nice guy for once.
  • Are there anymore nice guys out there?
  • Anyone want to fix my broken heart?
  • Just want someone to love me for me and not use me
  • I hate players, I just want a nice guy


Men are pretty simple creatures. If you look good, we want to talk to you.

Of course booty pics and a nice body help with getting more matches, but it’s not mandatory.

As long as you’re half attractive and look friendly, we’re going to reach out to you.

So don’t fret too much about not looking good.

Chances are you’re better looking than you think.

You don’t need to have pictures at the top of a mountain, standing on a boat, or doing other adventurous activities.

Selfies in your bathroom is more than enough to attract the type of guys you need.

Tinder Passport

You don’t need Tinder passport, but it’s incredibly helpful when matches slow down.

Think of it as an investment.

Without Tinder passport you are limited to the options in your area, and eventually the matches will start slowing down.

However, with Tinder passport you can change your location to another city, state, or even country.

This is going to diversify your customers and increase your odds of getting foot lovers.

Add Your Snap In Your Description

We want to funnel the free traffic from Tinder into our Snapchat accounts, because Snapchat is more lenient on sellers and promoting.

Basically we can get away with lots of stuff.

Tinder bans accounts way too easily, but it’s so good for getting laser targeted traffic to our Snapchat or Instagram account.

So basically, add your Snapchat somewhere in your bio and watch the friend requests roll in.

Post Teasers In Your Snap

Now that you’ve got targeted followers, it’s time to post teaser pics.

There are so many guys on Snapchat that love looking at pretty girls.

You can stand out by being active on your snap, engaging with your audience, and posting lots of Snaps throughout the day.

Post pictures of your legs, selfies, and even your feet.

Add a caption and ask if anyone’s into feet pics. You’ll get people asking about them. Just send them your OnlyFans or InstaFeet page when they ask for more pics.

Sign Up to OnlyFans or InstaFeet

You can either sell your feet pics as a one-off payment or you can earn a recurring income.

I highly recommend getting monthly subscribers as you can earn way more.

Look at it this way;

Is it better to sell a couple of pics for $10, or get them to subscribe and earn $40 because they subscribed for 4 months?

Of course the second option is better.

The more money you can earn off of each person, the more money you will make as a total.

Not all will re-subscribe, but lots of people will stay for months and sometimes years. These are the ones that can earn you over $100 JUST from one person.

Another Way of Making Money

Tinder is a great way to get free traffic and funnel them into other platforms.

Of course it’s a dating app first, but a traffic-generation tool second.

These are highly targeted men that have already shown an interest in you and will follow you to your other platforms and grow your following elsewhere.

I mean, where else can you get free traffic around the clock for doing nothing but setting up a profile?

There is also blogging which is my recommendation today.

Creating content around your passion or something you have a lot of knowledge about can earn you a full-time income.

I’ve earned thousands of dollars writing about camping and even shoes.

Broke Influencers is my latest blog that has earned me 4 figures in the last 30 days! (since starting it 9 months ago)

If you’re interested in starting a blog and earning 4-figures per month, you can go here.

Cheers for reading this blog post and I hope you have a great day.

My name is Brandon and this is my website. I'm just a normal guy that had dreams, dreams that would keep me up at night because I wanted them so badly. Now I'm living my dreams of being an influencer and making a good living doing so. Broke Influencers is another of my creations where I teach people how to get rich being an online influencer, or die trying. There is no in between.

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