Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

It might seem like a great idea to buy Twitter followers and an easy way to boost your account to new heights, especially if you’re just starting out, but it’s definitely not going to help you and will actually hurt your page.

Too many people make the mistake of buying Twitter followers ’cause they don’t like their low follower count.

And I get it, everyone wants to become some type of influencer these days.

But buying followers is not going to help you on your mission, and I will outline exactly why you shouldn’t buy Twitter followers in this article.

Here goes.

Why Would Someone Want to Buy Twitter Followers In the First Place?

Because a lot of people want some type of influential power.

People see that you can make money with a large following, and others want to copy.

Lets face it, sitting at your computer owning an online business and working on your own terms is a lot of peoples dream job.

But it’s not as easy as starting a Twitter page, buying 100,000 Twitter followers and then raking in the money.

Actually this will hurt your brand more than anything and I’ll tell you why.

Engagement Is One of the Biggest Factors

Twitter Likes

In this day and age there is so much spam on the internet and all social platforms are getting bombarded with trashy content.

To determine if YOUR content is any good, the algorithm will look at your engagement rate.

Basically it calculates the percentage of your likes, shares, and comments with your overall follower count.

There are many studies to see what the average engagement rate is for Twitter, and right now it’s between 0.02% and 0.09%.

This is much lower than other social platforms which is why I believe Twitter isn’t a good option for building a brand and making money (if you’re starting from scratch).

You’re better off starting on Instagram, building up a solid foundation and then moving that fan base to Twitter.

However, if you already have a good engagement rate on Twitter (like the numbers I mentioned above), you are in a good position to expand your follower count naturally.

Because when you start buying followers, they are all going to be bots and absolutely none of them will interact with your content.

Therefore your engagement rate is going to look more like 0.001%, a downright bad percentage that tells that algorithm your audience doesn’t like your content and will limit the reach of your posts even more.

How About Buying Followers to Sell Tweets?

Again, your engagement matters.

No one with serious cash is going to hand over money without doing their own research.

Everyone looks at engagement rate so they know if they’re getting their moneys worth.

Someone with few followers and boasts a high engagement rate can sell packages at a higher price than someone with more followers and a bad engagement rate.

It’s as simple as that.

You might think you can fool some people with a few hundred thousand bought followers and sell Tweets, but the likelihood of that happening is incredibly low.

They’ll also experience 0 results and 0 sales and never work with you again.

What About Services That Promise Organic Followers?

I wouldn’t trust anyone that says that they can get you Twitter followers organically.

And believe me, there are hundreds of these services out there that claim this, when they’re actually bots.

Even if they can, you’re still breaching Twitters rules as this is against their terms and conditions.

However, there’s a couple of exceptions to this and that is shout outs, re-tweets, etc.

Although I wouldn’t call it buying followers, as you’re actually buying a shout out in the hopes to get followers.

This is a viable way to increase your follower count with real accounts that will interact with your content in the future.

However, you will have to do your research to make sure you’re they have a proven track record of selling paid posts and their customers seeing results.

You want to find accounts in the same niche with good engagement so you actually get results, which is going to be increased followers.

You can also try something called A/B testing

This is the act of buying shout outs from different people, seeing what gets you the most results, and then buying more shout outs.

That way you’re maximizing results while spending less.

For example:

Account 1 = $50 earned you 200 followers

Account 2 = $50 earned you 100 followers

This means you should spend more money on account 1.

You’ll have to give a couple of days between each shout out to really see where your followers came from though.

Make sure your Twitter account is ready for followers

One thing I need to mentions is that you need to have your Twitter profile setup with good content before you start paying for shout outs.

A new account with minimal content and no track record of providing valuable content will get far less followers than someone that’s been in the game for longer.

At the bare minimum you should have at least 1 weeks worth of posting valuable, informative content in a specific niche.

Then you can start buying for shout outs from other niche-related accounts.

So Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Most signs point to no but there are a couple of exceptions, which is buying shout outs, paid posts, re-tweets, etc.

These are the exceptions, but you will have to do your research to know if you’re getting your moneys worth.

Because some people will sell paid posts that yield zero results which means wasted money.

However, the shout out has to come from the same niche as yours. Therefore their followers are more likely to check out your account and give you a follow.

Otherwise you’re just giving your money away.

So that’s concludes this article on buying Twitter followers.

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Cheers and have a great day.

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