Simon Leviev: Can He Be Trusted After Being Exposed As a Fraud?

I just watched the popular Netflix documentary “The Tinder Swindler”, and might I add that it was incredibly interesting. I just had to right an article about it.

But just like many of you, there are still some unanswered questions that you are probably dying to find out.

I’m a man that exposes scammers and scammy programs, so Simon Leviev is on the priority list.

But everyone deserves second chances, right?

I mean, Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street got a second chance and has turned his life around.

Can Simon Leviev do the same?

Lets talk more.

Who is Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev Arrested

Simon Leviev is a fake identity created by a man whose real name is Shimon Hayut, a con artist that claimed he was the son of a diamond billionaire.

The documentary “The Tinder Swindler” exposed him as a ponzi con artist who would use money from lovers and girlfriends to show new girls that he was living this flashy lifestyle.

When in reality, it was money used from his previous lovers.

How the ponzi would work:

After about a month of dating a girl and showing her that he’s this rich guy that has lots of money, he would then come up with a fake story that his enemies are after him and needs to be untraceable so they can’t find him.

These women would believe his story, send him their credit card, and continue to get out loans for him.

One woman ended up paying “Leviev” $250,000 which she never got back by the way.

Then he’ll just repeat the process, over and over again.

Simon Leviev is a massive fraud that should’ve got locked up a lot longer than 5 months.

However, he is out of prison now, and establishing himself as a business consultant.

But how trustworthy is he now after spending a bit of time inside and a lot of time to think about his actions?

This is Not Simons First Rodeo

Using multiple credit cards from women is not Simon Leviev’s first scam.

Simon is actually one of the many names he uses. Once he gets caught, he’ll just use a new identify.

Before he used the name Simon Leviev, he was already convicted of fraud under his original name.

When they found out that Simon was a fraud and the authorities were looking for him, he started using David Sharon.

So after getting convicted the first time, he started a new fraud.

Doesn’t sound like someone that wants to change and be a responsible law-abiding citizen if you ask me.

Simon Leviev Business Consulting

After watching the show, you probably heard that Simon now has a business consulting website where he claims he is a “real estate expert”.

I don’t even need to say anything and I bet you’re already laughing.

This man has never owned a piece of real estate in his life, and now he’s the “real estate guru”.

I don’t know how much money Simon was making from his workshop courses, but since the release of “Tinder Swindler”, he decided to take it down and put his consulting business on the back burner.

He blames the Netflix show for spreading lies about him (lol).

Before Leviev took the website down, he claimed that he was worth tens of millions of dollars, which he allegedly made from Bitcoin and real estate investing.

Lol, again.

I have been exposing scams since 2017 and can tell you right now that this man is not to be trusted.

Not now, not ever.

Remember, he’s been convicted of forgery, fraud, stealing, and scamming since he was a teenager.

Where is Simon Leviev Now?

It’s really hard to see what Simon is up to now as he has many copycat Instagram accounts claiming to be him, and he seems to get banned a lot from other social platforms.

He’s now permanently banned from Tinder, and other dating apps are jumping on the ban wagon as well.

Funnily enough, as I’m writing this article, I got accepted into his private Instagram account and this is what I found.

Simon Leviev Instagram

I’m not 100% sure that this is his Instagram account, but it’s the one with the most followers.

Interesting to see that he’s not doing too well after the launch of Tinder Swindler and the immense popularity it’s getting.

Where he will go from here only time will tell.

Unlike Jordan Belfort, who was found guilty and charged for stock market manipulation, he has since redeemed himself and teaches people about business (as he’s ACTUALLY owned many successful businesses).

But I have absolutely no hope for Simon Leviev who doesn’t seem to care about scamming others.

And the future for him looks grim.

What Happens From Here?

No matter what happens, Simon Leviev is on the watch list from now on, as I know for a fact that he is a fraud.

And he has a high chance of scamming people again.

So whatever new “business plan” he conjures up this time, rest assured, I’ll have my eyes all over it to see if it’s legit or not.

And I’ll be compiling my findings right here.

Comment below what you thought about the show and if you liked it or not.

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