Is Simple WiFi Profits Legit or a High-Ticket Scam?

Can you really make fast and easy money just by purchasing SWP and using the training?

The cold hard truth is that making any sort of money, whether that be in the online space or real life, is never easy.

Everything requires work, some more so than others.

Simple WiFi Profits is a high-ticket program that over promises and under delivers.

And because of that I decided to get the word out about what this system is all about and who it’s really for.

So without further ado, lets get right into it.

Simple WiFi Profits Review

Name: Simple WiFi Profits
Owners: Andrew Wright and Chris Eom
Price: $1,495 one-time or 3 payments of $577/month
Type: Facebook advertising
Overall Rating: 40/100 Legit

What Is Simple WiFi Profits?

Simple WiFi Profits is a high-ticket program that promises big money by harnessing the power of affiliate marketing and paid advertising.

First let me start off by saying that affiliate marketing is a legit business model that’s proven to work.

In fact I use affiliate marketing to monetize my own blogs. I sell other peoples products and earn a commission for the sale, that’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

Simple WiFi Profits also uses the affiliate marketing business model, but they use Facebook traffic instead, whereas I get my traffic from Google.

They have a 4-step process that goes as follows:

  • Step 1: Find a problem
  • Step 2: Find a solution
  • Step 3: Share the product
  • Step 4: Make Sales

Simple WiFi Profits Steps

Now to the average newbie this would sound like groundbreaking stuff, but in fact this is as basic as it gets.

You can look up how to use Facebook ads completely free on YouTube, you don’t need to pay over $1,497 to get that sort of information.

Sure, they offer other things like support, coaching, etc.

But take that as a grain of salt. Online coaching is usually a way to get more signups but they rarely deliver on this promise.

What Do You Get in SWP?

Here’s a little breakdown of the different chapters and would you could expect from each one.

Chapter 1: Introduction/What Is Affiliate Marketing

They teach you the basics of affiliate marketing (e.g. what it is, how it works, how to sign up for Clickbank products, etc).

It’s targeted specifically for newbies.

Verdict: Nothing special, can find this completely free on Google.

Chapter 2: Funnels

This chapter shows you what a funnel is and how your campaigns will be bringing in money.

They’ll also show you sales letters, landing pages, Facebook ads, and more.

Verdict: A little better than the first chapter, but again, this is nothing new and can be found for free on Youtube and Google.

Chapter 3: Landing Pages

A training platform that discusses how to set up your landing page.

Keep in mind that since you’ll be setting up your own website essentially, you’ll need to pay even more money for hosting.

This can get pretty expensive depending on who you go with, but for the most part it’s usually over $100 for 1 year.

Verdict: A decent chapter, explains where to get hosting and what a landing page is.

Chapter 4: Facebook Ads

There’s a little introduction on Facebook ads in chapter 2, but they cover this extensively in chapter 4.

However, there is one big problem.

Facebook advertising is legit and you can make a lot of money with the right campaign. Keywords being “right campaign”.

In 99.9% of cases you’ll lose money until you make a profit. That’s with all campaigns, not just Facebook.

Even expert marketers lose thousands of dollars before they find a successful ad campaign.

In saying that, this chapter explains Facebook advertising and they’ve made it easy for newbies to understand.

Verdict: Good chapter, covers a lot, newbies will learn a lot about Facebook advertising.

Chapter 5: Targeting and Split-Testing

At this point of the training you will have a landing page set up on your new website hosting service, a decent hold of affiliate marketing, the lowdown on Facebook advertising, and some affiliate programs to promote.

From here you’ll be trained on targeting a specific audience and how to split-test your campaigns to see what performs the best.

Note: Most campaigns will flop. Chances are you’ll lose money before you make money. The secret is in the split-testing. When you have a winning campaign it’s just a matter of scaling it up to increase profits.

Verdict: A pretty decent chapter, going in detail on split-testing and how important it is to try many different campaigns.

Chapter 6: Scaling

Scaling is the act of doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

In most cases you’ll just cut out what’s not working completely so that you don’t lose anymore money.

Well Simple WiFi Profits teaches how to scale so that you don’t lose as much money as you could.

Verdict: A good chapter. This is the most important one of them all, as scaling is how you can 10x profits.

Chapter 7: Additional Tips and Tricks

This chapter offers a few additional tips and tricks on affiliate marketing, how to find your way around Simple WiFi Profits, outsourcing your campaigns, etc.

Verdict: Nothing special here


They also offer many different bonuses. One of them that I want to talk about is the 1-on-1 coaching.

A lot of internet marketers use this as an incentive to bring in more people, but most of them don’t deliver on this promise.

I paid $250 for personal coaching once from another internet marketer and got nothing, so I just wanted you to know that this isn’t always acted upon.

All Chapters: Verdict

After reading all about the different chapters and what Simple WiFi Profits had to offer, I’m a little impressed.

They offer a lot in terms of training and have conveniently placed everything in order so that anyone can learn about affiliate marketing, Facebook advertising, and how money is made online.

They have done a pretty good job, but I still can’t recommend it for the average newbie.

In fact I say stay as far away from it if you’re a newbie or intermediate internet marketer.

Here’s why.

The Problems With Simple WiFi Profits

Not Worth the Money

Simply put, they are way too overpriced.

You can find all the information for free on the world wide web just by doing a quick Google search.

You might be paying for convenience, but convenience is a $47 product – not $1,495

If It was $47 I would call it affordable and a good product.

Will Cost Far More than $1,495

Even if you don’t buy any upsells, you’ll still be getting your wallet out long after buying the initial system.

The fact of the matter is, you need a hosting service and money for ad campaigns.

And like I said, most campaigns don’t make money. Therefor you’ll lose money before you find a winning campaign.

Expect to pay at least another $500 – $1000, and that’s only minimum.

Not For the Average Newbie

I don’t know many people that has $1,495 to splash out on something that doesn’t guarantee results, even with hard work.

Even if $1,495 is all you have, it’s still not enough.

Also Facebook advertising is not easy. They might make it sound easy, but if it was as simple as that, everyone would be doing it.

The average person is tech savvy these days, it takes a lot of work to convince someone to buy something especially now that everyone’s trying to sell us something at every corner of the internet.

Full of Hype

These types of systems reel in newbies who don’t know any better, and they do it shamelessly.

They do this by hyping their system up with income screenshots, misleading information, vague promises, and claims that anyone can do it.

Are they lying? They may not be lying but they definitely make it sound way easier than it actually is.

I just can’t trust people that take advantage of those who don’t know better.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers decent training
  • Offers a legit business model
  • It’s possible to make money


  • Requires a very hefty investment to sign up
  • Requires even more money before breaking even
  • Not for newbies or even novices
  • Way too overpriced
  • Full of hype

Is Simple WiFi Profits Legit?

Now the biggest question of them all; is Simple WiFi Profits legit or are we dealing with another scam?

Fortunately they are legit and do offer something of value.

In saying that, I can’t say I recommend them.

There are too many problems and they are way too overpriced.

If it was a $47 product then I would say it’s actually pretty good and not a scam.

However, my conclusion is a little different with the $1,495 price tag.

Verdict: Legit but not recommended. It’s not as easy as they make it sound, and DEFINITELY not worth the high price tag.

Is There An Alternative to Simple WiFi Profits?

There are way better alternatives that are much cheaper.

Fortunately it’s still possible to make lots of money online and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Like I said earlier in this review, I use affiliate marketing to make money online.

I have done it since 2016 and it’s now my full-time job.

Although it took a couple of years to find something that worked after joining scams and overhyped systems.

What I use requires a few things.

  • Hard work
  • Consistency
  • Patience

I create websites and make money when people click an affiliate link and buy something.

It’s a simple concept but takes a lot of hard work and dedication because it’s a business, and businesses require time to build.

Now if that’s something you’re interested in, you can check out the same system that I used.

And on that note, that wraps up this Simple WiFi Profits review.

I hope you learned a lot in this article.

Please leave all your questions and concerns in the comments below.

Cheers and have a great day.

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