SmartSpotter: Legit App and Pays Well (An Unbiased Review)

So today I want to talk about this app called SmartSpotter which claims you can make money being a “mystery shopper”.

I’m always skeptical when it comes to make money apps, as most of them have shady owners who have no intentions of paying their members.

Therefore the majority of apps out there are scams.

However, there are still a few legit ones, and SmartSpotter is one of them.

But is it really worth the time and effort? Or are you just wasting your energy?

Lets get right into and discuss everything this app has to offer.

What is the SmartSpotter App?


This app is available on the Playstore and claims you can earn money by doing small tasks.

The only tasks you’ll be completing is is shopping at specific stores, completing a set of actions, confirming you’ve completed the steps, and earning money for your efforts.

Also the amount of money you earn depends on the country and city you’re in.

If you’re from the US, you can rule yourself out.

The only countries available to join are as follows:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Czechia
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Slovena
  • United Kingdom

Since they have limited countries and a lot of demand for people to join (because the money potential is pretty decent for a mobile app), then you might be put on a waiting list before joining.

However, you’ll receive an email when you’re in and can start completing tasks.

What Tasks Will You Be Doing?

SmartSpotter Assignments

As mentioned above, the only way to earn money is to be a mystery shopper.

Each spot as a specific set of instructions that you have to follow.

So if you’re good at following instructions, this will be a great app for you.

Basically, you’ll be told to go to a “spot”, aka a store, take pictures of products, write down how many products they have available, etc.

In some cases you’ll be required to purchase the product which you’ll be compensated for later on.

Of course there are ranks you can climb to increase the time allowed to complete the tasks.

As a newbie you will start off as a Junior Spotter, giving you just 1 hour to complete a task and 2 spots to accept at a time.

Higher ranks include:

  • Spotter
  • Senior Spotter
  • PRO Spotter

Each rank will allow you to accept more spots at a time and extra time to complete them.

However, you earnings per task will still stay the same. You just have a better chance of increasing your income with increased spots.

So How Much Money Can You Make With SmartSpotter?

No doubt the biggest question on everyone’s minds is “how much money can you realistically make”?

One thing I like about this app is that earning potential is much better than others out there.

Lets say you’re in a major city and close to a large number of spots.

You’ll be able to smash out a few spots in a couple of hours, resulting in around $20 – $50, taking into consideration that each task pays around $1 – $10.

That’s really not a bad little side hustle if you ask me.

The downside is that you’ll probably be placed on a waiting list when you try to join, as everyone’s trying to become a SmartSpotter for the easy money.

The other downside is limited countries and areas.

If you’re not in a major city, your earning potential will be drastically reduced, if not non-existent.

The Referral Program

SmartSpotter has a referral program that allows people to invite their friends and family while being rewarded for it.

I checked out their FAQs section and found out exactly what you’ll be getting for inviting someone.

You’ll earn:

  • $0.50 for each approved person you bring in
  • $1.00 and an extra invite slot for every referee that reaches 100 SmartPoints
  • An extra invite slot per referee that reaches 1000 SmartPoints

To be honest this referral program sucks, but I’m not surprised as this is how most of them are on “make money” apps.

While I’m here lets just say that the referral program is a complete waste of time, even for active members who use this program on the regular.

I’ve been doing online marketing for 8 total years and can tell you that getting anyone to sign up to something is incredibly difficult.

Let alone keeping them as active members.

Pros and Cons


  • Good side hustle for major city dwellers
  • Legit and always paying their members
  • No minimum withdrawal threshold (can withdrawal after your first approved spot)
  • Good customer service that cares


  • Not available in the US
  • The referral program sucks
  • Could be placed on a waiting list when signing up

How Do You Get Paid With SmartSpotter?

They pay via brank transfer.

SmartSpotter is one of the few apps that has no minimum withdrawal amount, which I’ll have to congratulate them on.

This is one of the easiest signs that they’re a legit app.

Scams usually have a high minimum withdrawal threshold that they know most people won’t reach, so they don’t have to pay them.

This tells me that SmartSpotter has good intentions and wants everyone to get their money for their work.

However, keep in mind that anything less than $20 will cost a $0.50 transaction fee.

You can choose to be paid automatically at $20+ and waive all transaction fees, saving you more money in the long run.

Is SmartSpotter Legit?

Yes, SmartSpotter is a legit app that pays their members every Thursday as long as you have $20 or more in your account.

Otherwise you can withdraw manually with a lesser amount.

They are also one of the few apps that pay a decent amount for the work you put in.

I’m surprised.

I went into this review as a skeptic thinking they were going to be just another task-based app that pays people pennies for doing too much work.

It is, however, a decent money-making app.

And if you’re in a major city, you could make a good amount of money per week if you stay consistent.

Definitely a good side hustle for extra income seekers.

Verdict: Pays good, legit, easy money

Is There a SmartSpotter Alternative?

If you’re anything like me, then you’re someone that doesn’t want to work for someone else.

And that’s probably why you’re looking for extra income in the first place.

The whole reason I’m here was because I was searching for ways to make money back in 2014.

I joined way too many scams and lost a lot of money…until 2016; then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

This program taught me how to build a blog from scratch and make money via affiliate marketing.

Since then I have never turned back and now do it full-time.

And that’s what I recommend for all newbies trying to make their way in the online world amongst an industry absolutely full of scams and people taking advantage.

Cheers for reading this review and I hope you have a great day.

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