Starry For Cash Review – The Gift that Keeps on Scamming

Starry For Cash is a fairly new app that claims you can make money just by tapping your screen.

Is this legit or a huge waste of your time?

No actually, it’s a big scam and I’m about to tell you why.

These types of apps are literally everywhere on the app store.

All they are is a revenue stream for the makers. They use the players as pawns, show them thousands of ads, and earn money from advertising.

Most of these apps do not pay. I have yet to see an app like this that’s legit.

Starry For Cash Review – App Overview

Name: Starry For Cash

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free, or $6.99 Per Week

Type: Money-Making App

Overall Rating: 10/100 SCAM!

Starry for Cash is a scam app that doesn’t pay. The creators created a cheap app that makes people think that others can make by by tapping their screen. When you try to cash out you will get an error message saying “payment failed”, while they keep all the advertising money.

What is Starry For Cash?

Starry For Cash is still in the “early access” stage which I think is a way to pardon themselves from any responsibilities.

But first lets talk about how the app works.

It is a completely free app to download and doesn’t take up much storage space.

Once you get in you just need to keep tapping the screen to make your tree grow.

There are certain targets you can hit. At each target it will say how much you’ve earned.

In the screenshot below it says I have earned $3.81 and all I have to do is watch an ad to add it to my balance.

Starry for Cash Gameplay

As you can see it says I have earned over $900 just by tapping my screen.

Surely money can’t be this easy, right?

If it was wouldn’t everyone be rich?

That’s because it’s not that easy to get money.

This app is a money-grab, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s made for the sole purpose of advertising videos to their users. They get paid from advertisers and they are supposed to pay a cut of that advertising to the users (you).

Unfortunately people like this are greedy and have no intentions of sharing.

But It Shows Money In My Balance

Money in the app and money in your bank account are 2 different things.

That is paper money until it gets into your bank account, and so far everyone is saying they do not pay.

And that’s why I say they’ve kept it in the “early access” stage on purpose, so people think the glitches and errors that pop up are normal.

These errors are put their on purpose to make you think you will get your money once they fix the errors and conveniently placed popup messages.

They have no intention of taking it out of early access and if they do the errors will still be there.

There are Bad Reviews Everywhere

There might not be reviews on the app store, because unfortunately, they are still in early access stage.

However, there are plenty on another websites.

There are some positives and negatives, but most of them are negative because they’re not getting payment.

The positive reviews are from players that see money in their balance and think they have earned that money fair and square.

But that money means nothing if it’s not in your bank account.

Like George Washington said, “the truth will always prevail”.

The truth is that everyone is coming out and saying the app doesn’t pay, they give you errors when trying to cash out, they flat-out lie, and they don’t care about you.

Sadly These Types of Apps are Everywhere

These apps will continue to get released because people will keep falling for them.

I hope this review has opened your eyes to the scumbag of the world, the scammers who care about no one but themselves.

It’s a massive money-grab and that’s it.

These people invest a little money to create a cheap app, get it onto the Play Store and watch the advertising money roll in.

As long as they don’t claim that you are guaranteed to make money, they are legally in the right.

I know, it’s sad but it’s true. The way they hype it up makes it sound like you can make easy money and lots of it.

Yes they say you can make money and become a “treelionaire”, but that could mean fake money too, and in this case it definitely is.

Pros and Cons


  • There are none


  • You will not make real money
  • They are a scam
  • They are liars
  • They have no intention of paying their users

A Final Word

Unfortunately there are people out there that use people to make easy money.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of these apps on the Play Store.

They do not pay any of their revenue to their customers, they just squeeze every last cent out of them.

The same goes with Starry For Cash.

It’s a scam and a big waste of time.

Well there you have it, the uncomfortable truth you probably didn’t want to hear.

If you spent many hours on this app I can only imagine the anger you feel.

Hopefully you can avoid such scams in the future and actually make money like you wanted to in the first place.

How I Make Money Online

I totally get it, I was in your position, just wanting a way to make REAL money.

I invested hours upon hours on systems that flat-out didn’t work, or were a scam.

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Plus his system was obsolete.

It used to work but by the time I jumped in Google had updated their algorithm and essentially killed all websites that used the Google Sniper method.

So what do I do now?

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Well that concludes this article. Please leave any concerns and questions in the comments below.


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