How to Stop Instagram Spam Comments


Instagram spam comments can be incredibly annoying, but can be helpful in a way. Today I want to talk about Instagram spam comments, why they’re happening, and how to get rid of them for good. Well not forever, but you can certainly reduce the amount of spam comments you do get. Here’s how. 1. Don’t … Read more

Cryptocurrency Scams on the Rise (How You Can Protect Yourself)


I user Instagram every single day for my business, and there’s a common trend I’m seeing. People promising others thousands of dollars instantly through Bitcoin mining. Is the money in their digital wallet? Yes. Are the ones doing the promoting doing the scamming? No. They are the unsuspecting average internet user who fall into the … Read more

How to Make Your Dog Instafamous

Puppy Dog

There’s been a growing trend of people using their pets to become an influencer. Some do it for the money, and some do it for sheer love for their pets. But no matter what your intentions are, people will always love looking at cute dogs. However, it’s not just a matter of taking 30 pictures … Read more