Is Tai Lopez Legit or Professional Scam Artist?

I stumbled across Tai Lopez many moons ago, just like many of you, and wondered if he was legit or another online scam artist.

Well today I’m going to explain some things about Tai Lopez so you can make a more informed opinion.

Personally I think Tai is a good guy and has everyone’s best interest at heart.

He has haters, but also has a lot of fans that absolutely loves what he does.

But what does he really do, how does he make money, and is he a scammer?

These are the things that I will cover today, so keep reading this article to find out more.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Born: 11 April 1977
Height: 1.80 m or 5’9″
Weight: 78 kgs or 172 lbs
Motivational speaker, mentor, millionaire, online personality
Trustworthiness: Highly trustworthy

Tai Lopez is an American entrepreneur, investor, mentor, motivational speaker, and online personality.

He is based in Los Angeles, California, but has travelled around a bit in the last couple of years buying real estate, businesses, etc.

Tai became popular on social media with his “here in my garage” video, where he claimed that he made all his money with “knowledge”.

Tai Lopez Here in my Garage

Just by reading a book a day.

That video gained massive popularity, and so did Tai Lopez, where he copped massive hate.

But he also gained a large following, and now he’s one of the most respected online marketers today.

These days he comes and goes on social media in bursts at a time.

One year he’s all in, the next year taking a break buying different businesses, etc, then he’s back again with newfound knowledge that he shares with his audience.

And yes, Tai definitely does read a book a day, but more on that later in this article.

Where is Tai Lopez From and Where Does He Live?

Tai Lopez was born in the United States and brought up by a single mother, who was not rich by any means.

He was actually a college dropout, although unsure why he dropped out, he still gets to speak at the very university that he dropped out of.

Tai was not born into wealth and built his empire up from scratch through starting businesses and investments.

He is still living in his house in the Hollywood Hills, but travels back and forth between his ranch and the city life.

He likes to switch up between being a farmer and city slicker, and believes it’s good for the soul.

How Did Tai Lopez Make All His Money?

Tai Lopez Cars

As you know, Tai was a college dropout from the top university in the world (Harvard University).

So he did not make all his money from a degree, in fact, he figured that wherever he wanted to go, he needed a mentor to guide him.

He reached out to a guy named Mike Stainback who managed a local insurance firm, and became Tai’s first mentor.

That was the start of something great.

Mike taught Tai how to cold call and sell.

During the same time, Tai would join seminars, continue reading books, going to events, and educating himself in business.

His first venture was Google Adwords. He used everything he learned to generate $1,500 commissions for every $200 invested.

To put that into perspective, that is a 650% ROI.

Mike then introduced him to the regional head of GE Capital and become a Certified Financial Planner.

From there he found more mentors, created multiple businesses, invested in real estate, and even bought other businesses.

This was all before he ventured into the social media world where he would make even more money.

So How Does Tai Lopez Make Money Now?

As most of you probably know by now, Tai Lopez because internet famous around 2015 with the infamous “here in my garage” video.

This was the start of his social media presence that would blow up into the man he is today.

He still has many businesses, both in the online and offline world, and sells courses to teach other people how to make money online.

All of which have been incredibly successful, with testimonials to prove it, that people have gone from broke to 5-6 figures with the help of the courses.

Does Tai Lopez Really Read a Book a Day?

Yes, he does.

But not what you think.

He doesn’t sit down in the morning in his luxury chair, with his diamond watches, sipping on the best coffee from Guatemala, in peace and tranquility just reading his books.

No, Tai believes that every book has 1 or 2 golden nuggets, and everything else is worthless.

To find those nuggets, he reads the Table of Contents and skims through each page until he finds it.

He also loves classic books and encourages others to keep a total of 150 books that you read over and over again to ingrain the #knowledge into your mind.

What Does Tai Lopez Think About Bitcoin?

Tai is a huge fan of cryptocurrency, or more specifically Bitcoin.

He’s been saying for years that you should be investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and still encourages people to this day.

One of my favorite online millionaires, Andrew Tate, also says that you should be investing in Bitcoin.

These individuals have been investing in cryptocurrency for years and have made a fortune off of it.

When the first lockdowns hit, Bitcoin hit a massive low of only $5,000, Andrew done the only logical thing and invested $300,000 (he announced publicly on Twitter).

In comparison, today BTC is worth $38,000. That $300,000 increased to about $2 million dollars.

I don’t watch enough of Tai to know how much money he’s made off Bitcoin, but I have no doubts that he’s made a fortune just like many other millionaires.

How Much is Tai Lopez Worth?

Tai Lopez doesn’t disclose his net worth anywhere, but claims it’s a lot more than people guess.

Tai has said in the past that he makes a lot more than 5 million per month.

All net worth articles are nothing but guesstimations, but what we can do is put all the golden nuggets together about what he’s said in the past.

He says he’s worth more than $50 million, so most people guess that it’s about $60 million which I can’t really argue with.

Although I think it’s probably a lot more than that (at least in the hundreds) just because Tai is an incredibly smart individual and has many streams of income.

How Did Tai Lopez Become So Popular?

Tai became internet famous in 2015 with his “here in my garage” video, where he claimed knowledge is more important than materialistic things.

He also said that he doesn’t care about the Lambo, it’s just there to remind him where he came from and where he is now.

From there he continued creating videos sharing his knowledge and teaching other people how to make money online.

He learnt how the social media algorithm worked and used it to his advantage where he could explode his social media following.

Although he has spent millions of dollars on advertising, this has contributed to his amassed following.

And that’s quite literally. He’s stated many times that he’s spent millions of dollars on social media advertising.

Is Tai Lopez a Scam or the Real Deal?

I would call someone a scam that has no value to offer, or provides trashy systems that don’t work as close as they claim.

And that seems to be the biggest problem with todays “internet marketing gurus”.

Most of them sell a dream in exchange for a few bucks, but don’t provide any value in return.

Well in this case, Tai Lopez has proven to the world (not that he cared in the first place), that he is the real deal and not a scam artist like some people think.

He has literally changed peoples lives with his social media marketing courses.

And even though he’s not on the scene as much as he used to be, he still has little bursts of social media presence where he’ll come back to share his knowledge about the world, and create a new course to sell.

Are His Courses Worth It?

Most of Tai’s courses aren’t cheap which further proves that he’s legit and not just trying to take peoples money.

Look at it this way.

If you found a way to make you $10,000 per month, would you make a course and sell it for $50?

Probably not, because it’s a program that can literally change peoples lives. You’d sell it for $200 or more.

The same goes here.

Tai has created courses that can make a lot of money, enough for people to quit their day jobs.

So even though they aren’t cheap, they are still worth it as they can make you a lot of money, as long as you put in the work and never giver up.

My Final Opinion

Tai is a good guy whether you love him or hate him.

He’s not here to prove that he’s legit and doesn’t care whether you think he is or not.

He’s on a mission to change as many lives as possible.

He has his fair share of haters and actually likes it when haters accuse him of being a scammer or faking his lifestyle, as it gives him a chance to roast them back.

So that concludes this article on Tai Lopez and a bit of #knowledge about him.

However, if you wanted to join one of his courses but couldn’t afford it, here’s a program that taught me how to earn 4-figures per month.

I hope to see you on the other side 🙂

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