Tap 2 Earn is a Massive Scam (They Don’t Care About You)

Glancing over the Google Playstore I came across an app called Tap 2 Earn, and it’s not exactly as it seems.

I’m always finding new systems to review so I can find out whether they’re legit or not.

I like to help people avoid scams and send them to legit opportunities instead.

Well today I will be reviewing what’s called “Tap 2 Earn”, because they are claiming to be the most sophisticated rewards program on the internet.

However, I’m skeptical because these systems hardly ever live up to the hype that they’re promised.

So lets get right into it and find out why you should avoid this app at all costs.

Tap 2 Earn Review

Name: Tap 2 Earn
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free
Type: Rewards app for completing tasks
Overall Rating: 0/100

First and Foremost, What is Tap 2 Earn?

Tap 2 Earn is an app that you can download for free, complete tasks and earn money or rewards for your efforts.

I just reviewed a similar app called Bananatic, and that didn’t live up to the expectations.

However, I like to give systems the benefit of the doubt before coming to any conclusions.

So Tap 2 Earn claims that you can earn rewards by completing little tasks.

The tasks range from:

  • Completing offers
  • Watching videos
  • Solving math problems
  • Ccratch cards
  • Lucky wheel
  • And more

Although as I was checking out this app and all its features, there were a couple of things that screamed red flag.

Now before I tell you these red flags, just know that I have been reviewing these types of systems for 5 years, and joining them for 2 years before that.

After all my years experience, it’s easy to tell the legit programs from the fake ones.

Right now it’s not looking good for Tap 2 Earn.

If It Sounds too Good to be True…

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

Yes there are some legit apps and websites out there that will pay you in rewards for completing offers.

However, they pay a fraction of the money that Tap 2 Earn promises.

Earning $20 for signing up to a movie site is not realistic.

Come again, try $0.10 cents, that’s what most other websites pay.

They have a wide variety of other offers that will pay $20 – $30 just for entering your name and email address.

And yes, they will show how much you’ve earned inside the app, and they will even allow you to withdraw it (well, give the illusion anyway).

Money Shown in the App Doesn’t Make it Legit

I see this all the time.

People see hundreds of dollars see their “Balance” and think that it’s real money.

Sorry to break it to you, but that is paper money until it’s in your bank account or you’ve redeemed if for a legit reward.

Some people always try to say that they actually made money because it’s showing in their account balance (on the app).

However, that can show $10,000, but if it doesn’t make it to your bank account, you have not made any money.

Withdrawing Doesn’t Work

It’s all an illusion, well…technically it’s a flat-out scam.

They show hundreds of dollars in your account, and they will allow you to withdraw it once you complete the outrageous requirements.

But just because they say you have successfully withdrew your money, does not mean that they will pay you your earnings.

In fact, no one has ever said that they have received their earnings from Tap 2 Earn.

The withdraw button is there to make you think your money is on its way.

Your money is not coming.

More Red Flags

If that wasn’t enough to deter you in the opposite direction, here are some more red flags that will make you question the authenticity of Tap 2 Earn.

Strict Requirements Before Withdraw

You have to complete a bunch of stuff before you can even get your earnings.

These requirements are:

  • A certain amount of clicks to your referral link
  • A certain amount of referrals
  • Complete 5 tasks/offers

Tap 2 Earn Referral Program

The whole idea behind this is to bring more and more people into their scam, because they make money via ads.

They have a referral system that will pay you $2 per click and $10 per referral, but as we already know, this is just a fake incentive to get you to refer people.

No Customer Service

They don’t respond to emails or other customer service inquiries.

No one has ever heard a word from them since they started a few years ago.

This is a huge red flag. It shows that they know they are scamming people and they do not care, as long as they make money.

No One Is Getting Paid

No one has received their earnings.

Everyone has something negative to say about Tap 2 Earn.

They say they withdrew but never received their money, whether it be through PayPal, Bitcoin or other option.

They Boot People Off So They Don’t Have to Pay

Just look at this complaint from a frequent user.

Tap 2 Earn 1-Star Review

And more:

Tap 2 Earn Negative Reviews

These just go on and on. I can post more people not getting paid what they are promised for all their hard efforts.

But you get my point.

What Is Tap 2 Earn All About?

Here’s the deal.

From what I can gather, and considering my years of experience in this field, here’s my detailed observation on what Tap 2 Earn is and how they operate.

I’m assuming that this is a one-man show.

And I don’t think it’s his first rodeo. Scammers usually have a long history of scamming others.

They’ve definitely done it before and this is just another revenue stream to make the owner richer.

They give the illusion that you’re earning money as you recruit more and more people, and put more of your time into the app.

But after you realize it’s a scam and you’re not getting paid, you’ve already dragged some of your own friends inside, and the cycle continues.

The way they make money is by showing ads and getting paid from advertisers.

Apps are a gold mine for scammers because they are unregulated as hell.

Google doesn’t even screen apps before putting them on the Playstore.

As long as they have a Terms and Conditions page that says “earnings are not guaranteed”, they are allowed to keep scamming people.

That’s the sad truth.

Although now that you know how to avoid them in the future, you can put your time into far better opportunities.

Is Tap 2 Earn a Scam?

Yes, Tap 2 Earn is one of the biggest scam apps I have seen.

It’s like they’re not even trying. Come on, $20 for entering a name and email address?

Even a 5-year old can see that something’s not right.


An Alternative Tap 2 Earn Opportunity

As you know, I have been in the make money online industry for 7 years, but making really good money for 5 years.

I don’t bother with active income because I can’t make money while I sleep.

I focus on passive income opportunities, money I can earn while I’m not at my computer, on my phone, etc.

In 2016 I decided to take on blogging.

I saw a review on Wealthy Affiliate and joined because of their free trial.

They taught me how to build a website from scratch and make money within a couple of months.

This is not your typical get-rich-quick scheme, this is a business model that requires work.

The good part is that once you’ve built up a website that’s ranked in the search engines and receiving traffic, you earn passive income for years to come.

The more articles you write = the more money you make.

It’s a simple numbers game.

Someone with 100 articles will make more than someone with 20 articles, someone with 1000 articles will make more than someone with 200 articles (a significant amount more).

So that’s what I recommend if you’re serious about building an online business and sick of working for pennies.

Also thanks for reading my Tap 2 Earn review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them down in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.


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