Tap Inbox Review – A Scam Disguised as a Survey Site

Tap Inbox claims to be a website where you earn money for completing surveys. And although yes, you will be completing surveys for money, it’s not as legit as it seems.

Let me explain why this site is not to be trusted and why you should check out my alternative instead.

But before I expose the red flags and negatives, I’ll show you what Tap Inbox is and how it works.

Lets get right into my Tap Inbox review.

What is Tap Inbox?

Tap Inbox is a website located at tapinbox.com and claims to be the best leading market research company, rewarding you for your opinion.

Here’s how they say it works.

Tap Inbox How it Works

So first let me say that survey sites are legit because market research companies want the peoples opinion in order to create better products and services for the future.

However, that doesn’t mean ALL survey sites are legit.

If you join Tap Inbox, you will be required to enter your first name, last name, email address, birthday, country, city, and more.

Now keep in mind that they will be selling this information to third-party services, so you may end up getting nonstop emails and phone calls (if you complete a survey where you enter your phone number).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Let me explain the full details of this scam below.

Why Tap Inbox is a Scam

Minimum $200 Withdrawal Payout

A high minimum payout means they don’t want you to reach the threshold, therefore, you will end up quitting before you get your money.

There’s actually no need to create a minimum threshold, it’s just that most online programs want people to quit before having the ability to cash out.

It’s interesting that 99% of LEGIT online make-money opportunities have a minimum withdrawal threshold of $2 – $10, while 99% of scams have $20+.

Earnings Slow Down Overtime

They rope you in with lots of money in the beginning in order to make you think you’re earning the big bucks.

Some surveys pay $5 – $20 for a few minutes of work.

However, this is done on purpose with ALL new accounts.

Once you get over $100, earnings drop dramatically to less than $0.10 per survey, and even less.

Again, this is programmed that way so that you never get to reach the minimum payout.

They Ban You for No Reason

Another huge red flag is the large number of people saying they’re getting banned for no reason, even after following all the rules and guidelines.

After reviewing many online scams, I’ve discovered that this happens when they get close to minimum payout.

They just ban you without explanation so they don’t have to pay anyone.

Another telltale sign of a huge scam.

No More Surveys Available When Getting Close to Payout

Another way of getting out of paying people is to stop sending them surveys.

I mean, if they can’t do any surveys, they can’t earn anymore money, right?

All of these are programmed into the website to stop people reaching minimum payout, these aren’t done on accident.

Don’t believe me? Here are endless reviews from people confirming everything I mentioned above.

Tap Inbox Reviews

Tap Inbox Reviews

And they just go on and on.

They Make Money While You Earn Nothing

The thing is, they are still getting paid for sending the third-party website traffic (you), while giving nothing in return.

Because you’re still a real person, entering real information, and the survey companies are receiving real opinions, therefore Tap Inbox are getting paid for the customer.

But you’re not getting anything in return…because, well…they don’t care about paying people and just end up keeping the money for themselves.

That’s how the scam works.

They get paid via third-party websites but refuse to pay any of their members a slice of the pie.

So they just ban them or cut down earnings to a miniscule amount, making it impossible to cash out.

This website is a huge waste of time and should be avoided at all costs.

So is Tap Inbox a Scam and Why?

Yes, Tap Inbox is just another scam site that should be avoided by everyone.

Why do I know for a fact that it’s a scam?

There are many reasons I’ve come to this conclusion.

  • Near impossible high minimum payout
  • Earnings slow down tremendously overtime
  • They ban you for no reason
  • Surveys become unavailable
  • Negative reviews confirm everything above

I’ve compiled my findings and I hope you have come to a logical conclusion after reading my opinion about Tap Inbox.

If you still think they’re legit or don’t agree with what I’ve said, let me know in the comments below.

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