Texting Factory Review – You Will Not Earn $300 Per Week

Texting Factory makes some bogus claims, such as you can make $300 – $400 per week by sending out text messages.

However, this is far from the truth.

It’s definitely possible to earn money with Texting Factory, and as some have found out, they have received real money to their PayPal account.

However, unfortunately after they get their first payment, they are not receiving any income thereafter.

This leads me to believe that they are running a borderline legit opportunity, that doesn’t even come close to what they claim.

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty stuff, lets talk about what Texting Factory actually is.

So What is Texting Factory?

Texting Factory is a website located at TextingFactory.com, which if you’ve seen their website, says you can earn $300 USD per week by sending out text messages.

The text messages consists of everyday activities, friendly chat, erotica, culture, and more.

However, I would say most of the text messages consist of adult-related stuff, keeping guys entertained and making them believe you actually like them to keep them sending text messages.

How it works is that these guys pay money to Texting Factory, so they can receive real responses from real women.

These are mostly lonely guys that struggle to get attention from women in real life.

Therefore since they want real responses from genuine women, you will have to undergo a strict joining process before you can start working and making money.

But before we get into that, lets see if it’s actually worth joining or not.

How Much Money Can You Make With Texting Factory?

The amount of money you earn per text message varies, depending on time zones, dates, locations, etc.

However, on average you will earn about $0.05 per text message.

This means if you send 500 text messages per day, you will earn $25, or $175 per week.

500 text messages is a lot, and extremely unattainable for the average person, especially those working 8 hours per day and have responsibilities to tend to after work.

So to make the $300 USD per week like they claim, you will need to send out 800 – 1000 text messages per day.

On average, I would expect most people to earn a few bucks per day (as long as you send around 100 text messages).

How to Join Texting Factory

You can access their sign up page here.

From there you will have to put in your first name, last name, email address, and your reason for applying for this job.

You’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 – 48 hours telling you if you’ve been accepted or not.

Next you’ll go through a series of training segments, designed to test your grammar skills and verify your identity.

Remember that real men are paying real money to talk to real women.

Therefore they have a strict policy to recruit women with good English skills.

Once you go through the training, you are free to start texting guys and making money.

But first you should read the pros and cons to see if it’s really for you or not (you might change your mind).

Pros and Cons



Sometimes They Pay

The good news is that there are real reviews of people saying they have been paid via PayPal.

However, in a second I will mention that they sometimes don’t pay.

But first lets continue with the pros.

Free to Join

It’s completely free to join, check out and see if it’s right for you.

Upon joining you will become a freelance text chat operator, meaning you’re an independent contractor that works for yourself.

This allows you to join and make money from other companies while you work with Texting Factory at the same time.

Available in All Countries

They welcome everyone from all walks of life to join and go through the training.

In saying that, you will need near-perfect grammar to pass the training.

Even the slightest mistake and they’ll cancel your training.

You Stay Anonymous

I know girls that get into the adult-related content stuff don’t really want to disclose their personal information.

This makes it good for people that want to use their personality and text-messaging game to make a bit of money online, while staying completely anonymous.



Sometimes They Stop Paying

I’ve seen people get paid for their first payment, and then not get paid for their second payment, which has scam written all over it.

However, since I can’t prove that they’re scamming people, I can say it’s incredibly shady and not something I recommend.

Strict Policies

They ban you for anything and everything, and customer service is extremely rude.

They also have a strict joining policy and a lot of training to go through.

Even when you get close to finishing training, they’ll ghost you out of nowhere and may not ever get back to you.

All in all, it’s not something I would get involved in nor do I recommend it.

They Want You To String Guys Along

One big con is that you’ll be stringing guys along so they stay paying customers.

They think that they’ll have a chance of meeting you one day, which may not fly with you if you’re not down with scamming and leading men on.

The Claims of Earning $300 – $400 Per Week are Lies

They claim that the average person that joins will make $300 – $400 per week.

Well I can pretty much guarantee that most girls are not even earning a few bucks per day.

As I showed you in my breakdown above, you will need to send hundreds of messages per day just to earn $25, which still doesn’t even come close to $300 per week.

These claims are downright lies just to get more signups.

Is Texting Factory Legit?

Texting Factory is borderline legit for the most part.

They have a history of paying their members, but the way they run things and treat their members makes them run for the hills and never looking back.

I would love to call Texting Factory a legit system that I recommend with every ounce of my being, but that is just not the case.

However, it’s BORDERLINE legit due to the reasons I talked about in this review.

But they are incredibly close to being a scam.

Should You Join Texting Factory?

Customer service is trash, they don’t care about their members, and will ban you without reason, or for the very littlest thing.

For a few measly bucks per day, this is just not the best opportunity in the world.

I don’t recommend this opportunity to anyone for many reasons:

  • The pay sucks
  • Takes a long time to go through the training: may even get banned halfway through the training
  • Getting paid is either a hit or miss
  • They’ll usually ban you after your first pay if you question them
  • You’re essentially scamming guys into thinking they have a chance of meeting you one day

So no, Texting Factory is not recommended.

Another Way Of Making Money Online

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