The Simple Guide to Selling Art on Twitter

Twitter is a great marketing tool to promote many things.

You can promote your art and a grow thriving business just by harnessing the power of the Twitter platform.

I have found what works and what doesn’t.

And I’ve compiled only the best techniques for you to conquer Twitter and make money in the process.

So without wasting anymore time, lets get right into it.

1. Complete your profile

I see far too many mistakes where people don’t complete their profile properly.

You should have a professional profile picture with a good description.

I also recommend changing your cover photo regularly to advertise your best work, promotions, or your up and coming work.

Learn how to construct the best Twitter bio here

2. Tweet, tweet and tweet

You should be tweeting every single day, no ifs, no buts.

Tweeting consistently is one of the biggest growing factors. People follow you for a reason, and that is to consume your valuable content.

Most Twitter users don’t use Twitter every single day, so statistically speaking most of your viewers won’t see your tweets. Don’t be afraid to repeat your promotional tweets to get your message across.

Just change the wording around so you don’t sound like a robot.

Pro tip: Keep your tweets short and to the point – 100 characters or less – otherwise 120 characters when adding a link. Shorten your links with Bitly to keep the characters down.

2. Schedule your Tweets

Free up 1 – 2 hours a week to schedule tweets for the next 7 days (I usually do this on a Monday.)

Tweet at the most active times. Buffer says this is between 12 and 1 pm, although this can vary depending on your followers.

Checking your analytics will show when your followers are most active.

How much should you tweet?

Minimum 6 tweets per day, but more is always better. You can do 50 a day if you want maximum exposure, but this isn’t possible for everyone. Either way 1 is better than 0.

3. Add value

A surefire way of losing followers, or being “muted” is by over promoting yourself.

Yes you can and should promote often, but don’t overdo it JUST doing that.

Keep it fresh, provide value to your followers.

They want to learn from you, to be inspired, to be entertained, so do that and your followers will trust you as you gain more influence.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are an amazing tool to get more eyeballs on your work and more followers.

But don’t overdo it.

Studies show that one hashtag is the most effective, as it gets 63% more engagement than 2 or 3 hashtags.

If you’re talking about a canvas picture, use #canvas.

If your art is about finger painting, use #fingerpainting.

The key is to keep your hashtags relevant and to the tweet, not spammy looking.

5. Add pictures


Add a picture to every tweet, it’s been proven to get more engagement.

You can share memes, information, lists, inspirational quotes, etc.

Remember that you are in competition with thousands of other people, you have to do every trick in the book to stand out.

6. Engage with others

Engage with your followers by thanking them for retweeting you, retweeting others, following people, replying to comments, etc.

This shows that you’re a professional and are not just here to promote and spam.

7. Use geotagging

Geotagging is the act of tagging the city you’re in so when people search up that city, your tweet will show up.

It’s a great way of getting more exposure, followers and even engagement.

For example: If you have a picture of a popular landmark in NYC, simply tag your picture with “New York City”. Everyone searching that tag will see your picture.

8. Follow others

Follow other people that might be interested in your work.

Searching up hashtags like #acrylicpainting #fingerpainting #drawing will give you access to thousands of people that are interested in this type of artwork.

Just replace the hashtag with your niche, things that you are posting and plan on posting about.

Pro tip: Make sure you have some content on your page before you do this so they know exactly what they’ll be following you for.

After a couple of days unfollow people that don’t provide value. You want a good follow-to-follower ratio.

100 follows and 20,000 follows makes you look like a professional.

However, 20,000 follows and 20,000 followers is unprofessional.


Be consistent.

Consistency is key to many successful businesses, Twitter is no different.

You can’t use it for 1 day a week and expect it to grow. You need to work on it everyday, or at the very least, schedule your tweets for the week for a more hands-off approach.

If You Take One Thing from This Article

If I want you to take one thing from this article, it’s that you need to treat it as a business.

Nothing and nobody succeeds by accident.

You think Arnold Schwarzenegger grew 22-inch biceps by accident? No, he purposely put in the work to get where he wanted to be.

And that’s exactly how you need to approach your Twitter account, with a purpose, with intent to grow and promote your artwork.

Do it long enough and success is inevitable.

Final Takeaway

Because art is a hard enough niche as it is, you need to take advantage of every avenue you can get your hands on.

Twitter is another tool you need in your arsenal of tricks.

If used properly you can influence your audience to buy your artwork, it’s as simple as that.

Follow the tips and tricks that I have outlined and you’ll be on your way to a thriving business.

Another Way to Promote Your Art

So there is another way to get your work in front of people, highly targeted traffic actually.

It’s called Google.

Get your work in front of thousands of people by writing content.

It’s literally the best traffic. It’s laser-targeted, so you can write for those that are in the buying stage.

For example:

Someone that types in Google “Coleman 8 person tent review” is ready to pull out their credit card and buy.

On the other hand, someone typing “how to camp for the first time” is not necessarily ready to buy, but the option is there.

See the difference?

You can target thousands of these buyer-intent keywords and make money around the clock.

The training program that I use is Wealthy Affiliate. Check out their 10 free videos and start your journey today.

Well that’s it for this article.

Please share your tips and tricks in the comments below. We would love to hear them.

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