Is Tristan Tate a Real Millionaire and Gods Gift to Women?

There’s many online gurus that fake their life, but one who doesn’t is Tristan and Andrew Tate. I set out to see who this man really is and if he’s a “faker”.

Previously I done an article on Andrew Tate which is Tristan’s brother.

I’m sure most people who stumble across Andrew Tate’s content would love to know more about his brother, Tristan.

I know I did.

Well that’s what this article is about today.

I saw the big house, the flashy cars, the luxury lifestyle, the guns, the women, and I wanted to learn more about these 2 brothers.

Lets dive into who this man really is and whether he’s someone you should look up to or a big fat fake.

Who is Tristan Tate?

Tristan Tate Cocktail

Tristan is the brother of Andrew Tate, a well-known 4x world kick boxing champion.

Tristan also does kickboxing and has one a few championships. He is former K1 and European Kickboxing Champion.

He has quit the world of kickboxing but still trains daily to keep his skills honed.

Because as the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it.


Tristan Tate and his brother made their first million dollars from their webcam modelling business and learnt the ins and outs about women nature.

But he was always good with women even before that.

In an interview he stated that he was the kid that would walk around the school holding hands with a girl.

He enjoys being around females and thinks that they are a great addition to any mans life.

Tristan has stopped working with cam girls and instead makes the majority of his income from running The War Room, Hustlers University, and an OnlyFans agency, where he helps girls make more money on OnlyFans.

How Much Is Tristan Tate Worth?

Tristan Tate Money Man

I don’t know exactly how much Tristan Tate is worth but I know that he and his brother have shared bank accounts, just because they work together, they are life partners, and they trust each other.

All the money they earn go into one bank account.

In another video Andrew claims that he makes about 10 million dollars per year.

I’m guessing that this will be both of their income put together since they both work to make both of them money.

Yes, I watch a lot of their videos because I look up to these two men and have learnt a lot about them.

They are a huge inspiration for millions of men all around the world, me being one of them.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything from them, they have a lot of knowledge about the world that we would never know if it wasn’t for people like them.

How Does Tristan and Andrew Make All Their Money?

As I mentioned above, Tristan makes his money from an OnlyFans agency, Hustlers University 2.0, The War Room, and other courses on the website.

Lets just say that Andrew does more of the front-end stuff, where he sparks up controversial content, while Tristan works behind-the-scenes.

That’s why you rarely see Tristan and mostly see Andrew in all of the podcasts and YouTube videos.

You can still follow Tristan on Instagram as he’s pretty active and still uploads pictures and stories daily.

They also have other businesses and real estate that make them money.

But I’m sure the majority of their income comes from Hustlers University 2.0.

They have over 6000 members.

At $49 per month, that equates to $294,000 per month, just from one of their programs.

$294,000 x 12 months = $3,528,000.

Since they make 10 million dollars per year, Hustlers University make up 1/3 of their yearly income.

Is Tristan Tate Really Gods Gift to Women?

Unfortunately to all the haters out there, Tristan really does know how to get a lot of girls.

Like I said earlier, he’s been dealing with girls since an early age.

He loves having them in his life and always had no problems getting girlfriends.

People say that Tristan and Andrew get girls because they have money, but the truth is they made money because they had girls.

Literally; they pimped out girls to make their webcam modeling business and make millions of dollars.

They were getting girls even when they were broke. They would go out clubbing as broke men and still bring girls back to their house.

At one stage the bed legs broke on Tristan’s bed so he had to throw the mattress on the ground for months. He would still bring girls back to their house regardless.

So this whole thing about “you only have girls because you have money” has been debunked over and over again.

If I’ve learnt anything from Tristan over the last year, it’s that he really does know how to get as many women as he wants.

There’s a reason why their pick up courses cost a lot of money, because they work.

What Does the Future Hold for The Two Brothers?

At the moment they are getting as many sign ups to their Hustlers University 2.0 course, probably because it’s one of their biggest money makers.

And people are making real money with it.

I decided to try it out for myself to see if it would work, and to my belief, it’s exactly what they say it is.

A system with over 20 different wealth creation methods to help you make additional income online.

And yes, if you work hard enough, it’s possible to make it your full-time job.

Here’s what I learnt and how much money I made.

They’re also working on The War Room everyday, traveling the world, making a boatload of money, getting more girls, and buying more business.

Honestly they live a great life that most men can’t even live in 1000 years.

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