UniqPaid Review – It’s Not Worth Your Time

UniqPaid is a website where you can earn money by completing simple tasks. There are some upsides and downsides to this type of system, and unfortunately the downsides overpower the good things.

I like to expose systems like these because most of the time they are a huge waste of time more than anything else.

The time it takes to build up any meaningful income is not worth it in the end, and there are far better ways to spend your energy.

So without further ado, lets get right into this UniqPaid review.

What is UniqPaid and What Makes it Different From Other Websites?

UniqPaid is a website that claims you can earn “tremendous amounts of money just by signing up to free offers”.

This, however, is a very exaggerated claim that needs to be disproven asap.

But before we do, lets discuss what this system is all about and how you can make money.

UniqPaid is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that you can complete surveys, tasks, offers, and get paid for your efforts.

There are multiple ways to earn money, some are free, some require more time than others, and some are paid methods.

There are no shortage of GPT sites on the world wide web, in fact, UniqPaid has been one of the longest running.

They’ve been going strong for over 20 years which shows its longevity and why they are not here to scam people.

In fact there are things that make it better than other survey sites out there, which I’ll discuss soon.

For now all you need to know is that UniqPaid is not a scam and they actually pay you for your time and energy.

Is UniqPaid a Scam?

UniqPaid is not a scam site and they actually pay on time, every time.

They have been going strong for over 20 years and show no signs of turning into a scam in the future.

They have done things better than their competitors which has contributed to their long-running success.

For one, they do not have a minimum withdrawal requirement, they have a decent referral program, and have multiple ways of making money.

So no, UniqPaid is not a scam and definitely a legit way of making money online.

But in saying that, earning potential is incredibly low which might change your mind about joining this website.

How to Make Money With UniqPaid


UniqPaid offers 5 main ways to earn money, all of them are decent but some require more time than others.

One thing I do like is their referral program which is far better than others I’ve seen.

Referral Program

After seeing some of the trashiest referral programs from survey sites in the last couple of weeks, UniqPaids referral program is a breath of fresh air.

Earning potential is a little better, but you will definitely need to recruit hundreds of people to build up a consistent income.

This means you need to be skilled in recruiting and have the experience in recruitment.

Your friends and family won’t be enough, as most people that join will not stay active members.

And that’s why you need at least 100 people to get a meaningful income.

UniquPaid’s referral program works in 3-tiers.

  • Level 1 downline – 10% of their earnings for life
  • Level 2 downline – 5% of their earnings for life
  • Level 3 downline – 1% of their earnings for life

They also provide a $1 bonus for each active member. However, I’m not sure how long it takes for a member to be considered “active”.

Paid Offers

Paid offers requires you to complete a task and earn points for your efforts.

There are multiple offers available for you to choose from, including:

  • Completing a survey
  • Downloading and installing an app
  • Signing up to a website
  • Playing a game
  • Answering a quiz

When choosing an offer to complete, you will be given a set of instructions which have to be followed correctly.

Once you’ve done this, “points” will be credited to your account, which will be converted into PayPal cash later on.

Paid Tasks

Paid tasks is a little different than offers.

But basically, people pay UniqPaid to put small tasks on their platform for people to complete in exchange for points.

The downside to tasks is that it takes a lot longer to receive your reward because the moderators have to check that you’ve done the task properly (this can take up to a month).

Tasks can range from watching a YouTube video, subscribing to someone, visiting a link, following someone, signing up to a forum, etc.

So they’re similar to offers, but require a little more time and attention.

Visiting Websites

The easiest of them all is this little earner, which requires you to visit a website for about 15 seconds.

However, these aren’t always available but they can be easy money when they popup.

So if you ever see them come up in your dashboard, jump on them right away because they won’t last long.

The upside is easy points, the downside is low earnings.

Mobile Offers

Mobile offers are exactly as it sounds, the same as #1 method (Paid Offers) but will have to completed from your mobile device.

One thing to note is that they are only available for Android users.

What I Like About UniqPaid


There are a couple of things I like about UniqPaid that makes them stand out against other task-completion websites.

No minimum withdrawal requirement

This simply means that you don’t need to reach a quota to withdraw your money.

Even if you have $1 worth of points in your account, they’ll be paid out automatically on the 20th of each month.

They’ve stood the test of time

Most websites, if they are a scam, get exposed in a few very short years.

The longevity shows that UniqPaid have been paying their customers on time, every single time, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

A mixture of offers and tasks available

Many GPT website have limited offers and surveys available that limit earning potential, because you run out of tasks to do.

However, there are many ways to earn money so you don’t get bored or sick of doing the same things.

What I Don’t Like About UniqPaid


Just like 99.9% of GPT websites, they are a waste of time that’s not worth your time or energy.

I’m still yet to find one that’s worthwhile.

Unfortunately UniqPaid sits under this category.

Low earning potential

All tasks and offers don’t pay as much as they should.

They’re designed to give you pennies for minutes of work.

Therefore you’ll be earning less than $1 per hour which is not worthwhile if you value your time and energy output.

And that’s if you put pedal to the medal and work as hard as possible.

Exaggerated claims

On the website they make it sound like you will be earnings hundreds of dollars per day for doing simple little tasks.

This is not the case and far from the truth. You’ll be lucky to earn $1 per day if you’re an average person with daily responsibilities.

How Do You Get Paid?

So every task and offer completed will earn “points”.

These points will then be converted into cash and deposited into your PayPal account on the 20th of each month, unless you choose the alternative.

The other payment option is through a check, which requires a $5 minimum withdrawal requirement.

So far these are the only 2 payment methods, and do not offer gift cards or other rewards.

I don’t see a problem with this as I would rather get paid in cash instead of gift cards.

All in All, is UniqPaid Worth a Shot?

The good news is that UniqPaid is a legit GPT website with a decent amount of offers and tasks.

And they also pay every month without fail as long as you have enough points in your account.

Then there’s the bad news.

One of them being the low earning potential, with such a bad ROI, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

If you really need the money that bad, sell something on eBay or Craigslist, you’ll earn 10x more profit than sitting down for hours and hours completing tasks.

So all in all, you’ve probably guessed my answer by now.

All I can say is that UniqPaid is definitely not worth a shot.

Spend your time wisely, there are far better things to do with yourself.

Is There a UniqPaid Alternative?

I know how bad these websites are because I use to try them.

But that didn’t last long because I realized how much time I was wasting.

I then found something that required a little more thinking and patience, but the pay off was ENORMOUS.

My first website made me $17,492 from writing content and waiting for it to rank in the search engines.

Since then I double down on what I done, tripled, and then quadrupled, and well, the rest is history.

Now I create blogs for a living, just writing articles whenever I want, and I love every second of it.

If you’re interested in learning how I got started, here’s what I used.

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