Videly Review: Good Luck Getting First Page Rankings

As far as I’m concerned, there are a lot of people claiming they’re “reviewing” Videly, but the first page of Google looks like one massive sales page.

So I set out, as someone that is completely unbiased, to see what Videly was really all about and if it’s worth purchasing or not.

There are a lot of these types of programs on the world wide web with outrageous claims.

Most of them never live up to the hype, and the rest are flat-out scams.

Thankfully the creators of Videly have a pretty good reputation and a history of creating good internet marketing products.

I just reviewed another system of theirs called Lingo Blaster 2.0, and it was exactly as advertised.

But will Videly live up to expectations, or fall flat on its face?

Lets find out.

First and Foremost, Who is Vlad and Stoica?

Vlad and Stoica

Vlad and Stoica are reputable internet marketers that have been creating products since 2009.

They are currently the founders and owners of, which in a nutshell, is a marketplace for products related to YouTube SEO services.

At the time of writing this article, they have done an astounding 27,341 sales on the WarriorPlus platform.

I have also checked out their other products, like the one mentioned above, and found it to be legit and definitely worth the price tag.

However, I can’t say for sure how well their other products perform because I haven’t reviewed them yet.

Well today this is about Videly, what it is all about and if it’s a scam or not.

What is Videly?

So Videly is a program that helps you rank videos on YouTube.

That is it in a nutshell.

The standard training includes a keyword finder and SEO Generator, while the upsells offer increased training to help you optimize videos even further for ranking purposes.

If you’re a YouTube content creator, you would know how difficult it is to get subscribers, let alone views on your videos.

You’ll also know that competition is fierce, and that high quality videos doesn’t really matter if you’re targeting the wrong keywords.

That’s where Videly comes in.

They’ll show you what keywords you can rank for, and what your title, description, and tags should be.

So what do you get inside? Lets take a look.

Videly Training Material

Module #1: Keyword Finder

The first module includes a keyword finder tool which is incredibly basic might I add.

What is a keyword? It’s a stream of words that you type out when searching something on Google or YouTube.

Those at the top of the page are receiving free organic visitors just for being at the top of the search engines for those keywords.

Some keywords are more difficult to rank for than others, but there are literally millions of keywords out there to use.

That’s what a keyword finder tool is, analyzes keywords and provides a basic analysis of the competition, so you know if it’s a good keyword to go for or not.

Module #2: SEO Generator

The SEO Generator is the second and only module available in the standard version, as any further modules will require additional payment for the upsell.

The SEO Generator is also not that good might I add.

What it does is create a title and description for you.

I don’t recommend this as it’s probably using the same description as everyone else using the platform, so yours won’t be unique in any way.

Also trying to put your keywords in the description is known as keyword stuffing, and it’s incredibly frowned upon by the YouTube algorithm.

Back in the day keyword stuffing would work, as it would show YouTube what your video is about.

However, now it only hurts rankings as YouTube and Google wants to show more natural results, not people trying to “game” the algorithm.

Module #3 (PRO): Niche Analysis

Niche Analysis is a little better than the previous two modules, but will require the PRO version upsell.

I think the first two sucked on purpose so that most people would buy the upsell.

Anyway, Niche Analysis shows you the competition for your keywords (who’s ranking, how easy they are to beat, etc, etc).

Like I said, it’s a lot better than the standard version as the keyword finder tool in module one does not show your competition, only a list of keywords that the software recommends.

Module #4 (PRO): Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker absolutely sucks in my opinion, as it’s more detrimental to your motivation in the beginning stages more than anything.

Let me explain.

When starting an online business, we are so caught up in rankings and stats, constantly searching where we are in the search results.

And at the start it’s always a constant let down because we never see rankings, so we question our ability and the program in general, and end up quitting.

So the Rank Tracker is definitely not recommended.

Does Videly Work?

All in all, does Videly work like they claim?

In my honest opinion, the Videly standard version is absolutely trash.

For $47 you get access to a keyword research tool which you can get for free on Google.

And the second module provides you with a title and description, which only makes your videos look unnatural which is the opposite of what we want to do.

Does Videly work in the sense that if you implement the software, you will rank on the first page of YouTube?

For the standard version, I would have to give that a NO.

There’s just not enough information to know what keywords are good to go for.

However, does the PRO version provide enough value that you can actually rank?

The PRO upsell is certainly better and provides a better analysis of the competition, but still not recommended for newbies, and I’ll explain why in a second.

What I Don’t Like


I don’t like the fact that Vlad and Stoica hype this system up to the max when the standard modules are absolutely trash.

And if you want to have a chance at ranking, you’re going to have to invest a little more than the initial price of $47.

It’s also not newbie-friendly.

As a newbie content creator, you need to know how to choose a niche, how to create videos, how to keep audience engaged, how to make them press that subscribe button and coming back for more.

Videly doesn’t really offer much in terms of content creation, but more of a pipe dream and false promises.

What I Like


I do like that you’re actually getting something for your purchase.

It might not live up to the claims, but the software is real, and you can use it on any device as no download is required (It’s a cloud-based software).

Unfortunately that’s all I really like about it.

My Final Thoughts on Vlad, Stoic and Videly

This system is simply not good enough to help any YouTuber rank and make money with Videly, which is the reason I cannot recommend this piece of software to anyone.

Also Vlad and Stoica are members of the WarriorPlus marketplace, which has an incredibly bad reputation for scamming people.

Therefore I can’t put 100% of my trust in these two individuals.

From what I can see, they are two good guys that want the best for others, but will gladly provide low-value training programs to increase their own wallet without caring if others make money or not.

And that’s my final opinion.

The Price and How to Get In

The price is $47, available at the Videly official website and includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This includes the first two modules which are: the keyword finder tool and SEO Generator, which I already explained, are definitely not worth the price tag.

There are far better systems out there at that price!

Unfortunately Videly does not offer any free trials.

Is There a Videly Alternative?

Thankfully there are much better opportunities out there better than Videly.

Earlier I explained that as a YouTube creator, your biggest obstacles do not come from not knowing proper SEO.

In fact, it’s not choosing a viable niche, knowing how to create good videos, and getting people coming back for more.

I have reviewed many YouTube creator programs, and the best alternative to Videly is Awesome Creator Academy.

This will ACTUALLY teach you how to rank on YouTube.

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