Video Marketing Blaster Review – Easy Rankings or Plain Old Hype?

Can you really rank as easily as they claim on the Video Marketing Blaster landing page? Or are we looking at another system with false promises and hype?

Well that’s what I want to discuss in this review today.

Keep in mind that Blaster Suite, the company behind VMB, have created many tools to help internet marketers rank videos on YouTube in order to get views and subscribers.

However, just because they have released a bunch of tools in the past, does not qualify VMB to be 100% legit.

I have reviewed a number of Blaster Suite tools on this blog, and only one of them have been decent so far.

That program was called Lingo Blaster 2.0

For that reason, we need to do more research to see if Video Marketing Blaster is legit or just a waste of money.

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster Claims

VMB is a software program created by Blaster Suite, a company that releases tools to help internet marketers rank videos on YouTube.

Now before I move forward, I would like to say that the owners, Vlad and Stoica are very successful internet marketers.

They have made a ton of money by creating and selling products.

On the contrary, I don’t know if they know how to rank videos on YouTube.

Others say they are SEO experts. But I see those exact same people selling Blaster Suite products for commissions, so I can’t fully get behind them.

Furthermore, one of their other products is called Videly, and it does the exact same thing as VMB.

Apparently VMB is the more updated and better version since the release of Videly.

So that’s a little backstory on the owners behind VMB and their products. Now it’s time to talk about what you actually get for your money.

Video Marketing Blaster Software Program

VMB Training

When you purchase the VMB program, you will be directed to the download page.

It is a cloud-based software tool that allows you to login from any computer or mobile phone.

If you purchased the standard version, you will have access to the first two tools.

These are

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Generator

Now I mentioned in my previous Videly review that the SEO Generator is absolutely trash.

The SEO Generator basically generates a title, tags and description for you.

What it does is grabs a list of related keywords to your main keyword and generates a description and title.

However, this is an old school technique that doesn’t work like it use to.

Keyword stuffing and grammatically incorrect spelling spells bad news, not just for your rankings, but for your entire YouTube channel.

Keyword stuffing does not work anymore and never will in the future. And doing so will only hurt your rankings.

Regarding the keyword research tool

This is okay, but nothing better than a free version that you can find on Google.

Video Marketing Blaster Upsells

Now that brings us to the upsells, a little better than the first two tools, but is it worth the extra $47 every 3 months on top of the original $27?

The standard version costs $27 and gives you access to the keyword research tool and SEO Generator, which I discussed above.

The first upsell (OTO #1 = $47 every 3 months) includes

  • Niche Analysis
  • Rank Tracker

Niche Analysis will provide you with a basic rundown of your competition for a specific keyword, while the rank tracker tracks your placement in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

For example:

In the niche analysis section, simply add one of your keywords you want to rank for.

It will give you an analysis of your competition, what you need to rank for that keyword, and if it’s possible for your YouTube channel.

This is actually pretty good, it provides far better statistics than the keyword research tool.

The second section is the Rank Tracker.

This will constantly check where you are placed in the SERPS, so you know whether you’re climbing the ranks over time or not.

If you’re not climbing the ranks, you’re probably targeting too many competitive keywords that require a bigger and more established YouTube channel to rank for.

The second upsell (OTO #2 = $37) includes

  • VMB Local Pack

This upsell explains how to rank your videos for local keywords.

Local SEO is actually really simple and does not require a training program to rank.

You simply add your city/location in your title and you’re bound to rank regardless, mostly because the competition is much lower for local keywords.

Lets say you bake cakes for a living in New Orleans. You can make a video called “Best Bakery in New Orleans” and go around taste testing different cakes.

This will bring awareness to your YouTube channel, and you’ll get more eye balls and subscribers regardless.

The third upsell (OTO #3 = $67) includes

  • Live Event Blaster

Something I found interesting was the upsell called Live Event Blaster.

LEB takes advantage of YouTubes algorithm.

The algorithm favors content that’s considered “news”, so people can get access to the biggest stories as quickly as possible.

Therefore any LIVE events is considered news in YouTube’s eyes.

This upsell teaches you how to start a live video session and get a ton of eye balls on your video.

A little better than the standard version, but still not worth the price tag since you can find the information for free on Google.

Does Video Marketing Blaster Work?

In my honest opinion, I believe that this software was created to squeeze more money out of existing customers as well as new ones.

There’s nothing new from the original Videly software (other than the two upsells). It’s basically a replica.

And I  do not believe you will rank within a couple of hours and get views.

Is it possible?

Sure, any video can rank in a couple of hours when you’re targeting the right keywords.

But in most cases, those keyword aren’t getting enough traffic to see much movement in your subscriber count.

So even though the keyword research tool might work a little, there are alternatives that don’t cost a thing.

Is Video Marketing Blaster Worth the Money?

Now that we’ve established that half of the standard version sucks, and some of the upsells are alright, but definitely not worth the price, it’s time to talk about value for money.

I do not think that VMB is worth the price tag, due to the many reasons I have outlined in this article.


As a YouTube content creator, there are many variables that will determine if you rank or not.

You need to treat it as a business or you will fail…every single time.

It’s possible that you can create a couple of half-ass videos targeting low-competition keywords and get rankings, but the traffic will be low quality and will never convert to subscribers, lets alone sales.

You need to build trust with your audience, and the only way to do that is by consistently putting out HIGH quality videos.

And the only way to do that is with practice.

Ali Abdaal, a YouTube guru who teaches people how to get their first 100,000 subscribers, says you need to create at least 100 videos to become better than average.

If you do 1 video per week, you will reach 100 videos in 2 years. By then you should have your first 1000 subscribers.

Before you think that is low, it’s actually pretty average for most people starting YouTube.

There are a few exceptions, such as people going viral or YouTube favoring a video earlier on and sending them traffic.

But for the most part, you can reach 1000 subscribers in 2 years as long as you do 1 video per week.

This Is the Reality of Becoming a YouTuber

Yes, targeting keywords is going to help get you views.

However, views is nothing without knowing how to convert people into loyal subscribers.

A YouTube video with a text-to-speech and a presentation on the latest and greatest weight loss pill will NOT earn you subscribers.

It may get you some sales now and then, but because your YouTube video is low quality and the keywords are easy to rank for, you will get outranked sooner or later.

So focus on putting out videos consistently, getting better with each video, and you will gain loyal subscribers that will watch every future video you create.

How to Get Rankings Without Sabotaging Your YouTube Channel

I always recommend Awesome Creator Academy for all new YouTube creators.

They ACTUALLY teach you how to grow a YouTube channel for sustained long-term growth.

You’ll learn how to

  • Choose a niche
  • Create a posting schedule
  • Master productivity
  • Grow consistently
  • Structure your business
  • And more

I would prefer you create videos that you can be proud of that will provide you with long-term growth rather than trying to “game” the algorithm with keyword stuffing tools and grammatically incorrect descriptions.

And that’s why I recommend a proper YouTube training program over Video Marketing Blaster.

Sign up With Awesome Creator Academy Here


That concludes this article on Video Marketing Blaster.

I hope you found everything you wanted to know regarding this piece of software.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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