VolKno Review: They Can’t Be Trusted

VolKno is used by many people to make additional income simply by reviewing movies, videos, and games. But how good is it really and is it worth your time?

Personally I don’t like systems like these because a lot of them do not live up to the claims.

Plus they reel people in that don’t know better, or do not know that there’s big money to be made in the online world.

I use to try out these types of programs until I found something that allowed me to quit my day job.

But unfortunately jumping from system to system is not going to help you achieve that.

That’s why in this VolKno review I will show you what it is all about, how much money you can realistically make, and then let you make your own decision.

I hope you enjoy.

What is VolKno?

VolKno Members Area

VolKno is a feedback sharing website located at volkno.com.

It’s been out for a few years and built up bit of a reputation for being legit.

But how legit is it really?

Well lets talk about the program first before we get into legitimacies and whatnot.

So VolKno has a pretty easy concept.

Simply sign up, watch a movie, video, or play a game, and then give your opinion on it.

You will then earn reward points called “Flow” which can then be exchanged for Amazon gift cards later on.

What do You Get Inside VolKno?

When you’ve signed up and verified your email address, you will access the members area where you can start giving your opinion on newly released:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Digital Content
  • Video Games
  • And more

Other times they might not even be released yet.

The good news is that once you give your feedback, Flow will be added to your account fairly quickly, allowing you to earn money quicker than other platforms.

How Do You Share Your Opinion?

You simply provide the things you like and dislike about the movie/game, and how it made you feel.

It’s actually pretty simple as VolKno provides a fun and interactive way to share your feedback

Of course quality triumphs quantity.

Quality = More flow

The better your review on the content, the more flow you earn.

You’ll also gain access to exclusive content that earns you more flow that others don’t have available to them.

That’s why you need to focus on good reviews and you will earn more Flow.

Does VolKno Work and Can You Make Money?

VolKno does work and you can make money.

Well not cash, the only payment method they have is Amazon gift cards which will be emailed to you when you redeem your Flow points.

However, I have discovered in the Terms and Conditions that they can:

  • Change the amount of flow in your account
  • Modify, cancel and limit your rewards
  • Terminate your ability to earn and redeem Flow
  • Terminate your account at anytime, without warning, if they think you’ve breached their Terms and Conditions

There’s also other reviews on the world wide web of people saying they haven’t received their Amazon gift cards.

Since this is a fairly new website, I can’t say for sure that they are legit and always pay their members.

You’re basically going in blind and hoping that your efforts isn’t wasted.

Sure there might be some people receiving their earnings, but there’s also other people that are not.

The Negatives


Why would they put those statements in the clause if they’re running a legit business model?

When you take into consideration the shady statements as well as some people not receiving their earnings, it makes me think that they’re not paying everyone their earnings.

Bad/Slow Customer Service

There’s also reports of people not even getting a response to their emails and customer inquiries.

This is a bad look for a fairly new company that wants to provide a safe place for everyone to earn money.

Extremely low income potential

The other downside is the fact that you’re not creating something of value.

You’re just giving feedback on content in exchange for a few pennies.

If you know me, you know that I have a huge problem with this, because it’s such a bad return on your investment.

Most people report that they make around $5 – $10 per month, on average, with VolKno.

They Control When You Cash Out

There are lots of people on Reddit saying that they’ve put restrictions on their account for no reason and then lifted them a couple of months later.

Why would they need to do this if they’re running a legit company?

Even if they pay sometimes, this just further proves that they can’t be trusted.

The Positives

Easy to Earn Flow

What I like is that Flow is added to your account almost instantly. There’s no waiting for your review to be verified or anything like that.

That means you can start earning money pretty quickly.

So Is VolKno a Scam or Real Opportunity?

VolKno is nor a scam or legit business model.

They are a fairly new company that continue to sabotage themselves with suspicious activities.

I can’t say for sure that they’re a scam because some people are getting paid.

But on the other hand, I can’t say that they’re legit either.

They definitely can’t be trusted and I would not get involved with this company if my life depended on it.

If you’ve been using them and wondering if you should continue using this website, I would say get out.

Just for the simple reason that all your efforts can be wasted in the end.

Regarding your Flow points, consider it an L and learn from your mistake.

Stop falling for these trashy programs that are paying you pennies for hours and hours of work.

Verdict: Low income potential, untrustworthy

What Can You Do Instead?

You should be building something that you own, no one can determine your earnings, or take from you.

You should create an online business that you 100% own legally.

That’s why I created a blog, no one can ban me, put restrictions on me, delete my account, etc.

You’re free to put whatever you want on your blog without fear of being wiped out.

Because when you sign up to someone else’s website, you’re bound by their terms and conditions.

So that’s what I recommend if you’re serious about making decent money online and tired of the low income systems that do nothing but waste your time.

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