Why Do Instagram Influencers Go To Dubai?

Influencers go to Dubai for multiple reasons, but the #1 reason is tourism. Influencers see potential and experience, so that they can further the growth of their following and make money from sponsorships. However, this is only the surface and not the whole story. Lets talk.

We see so many influencers going to Dubai, but if you’re an average Joe Schmo, you’re probably wondering why.

Well there are a number of reasons which I will get into today.

It’s not all as it seems, there’s more to it than just looking good for the gram. Although that’s the end results, there’s some things we need to talk about.

So lets get right into it.

Why is Dubai Incredibly Popular?

Dubai is a luxurious city full of modern art and contemporary.

You’ll find that everything is made to look expensive and flashy, and because of this some label it as the “fake” city.


Because things are made to look aesthetically pleasing for the sole purpose of Instagram pictures.

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

Dubai know that people go there for pictures, so they take full advantage of this factor.

Seriously, there are no sidewalks, buildings aren’t fully finished, there’s no pathways to some buildings, and more.

Basically it looks good from one angle but poorly complete from another.

However, as you get into the soul of the city, things look a little different.

For lack of a better word, it’s “eye porn”. The city looks amazing and definitely something everyone should experience.

Everywhere you go in the soul of Dubai is picture-perfect ready.

High Income Potential

One reason influencers go to Dubai is for the income potential.

If you live in Dubai and establish yourself as a luxury influencer, you WILL grow a brand pretty quickly and make a ton of money in the process.

Posting aesthetically pleasing pictures and getting sponsorship deals is a common theme for Dubai residents.

People go there for the sole purpose of growing their brand, Instagram account, and making more money.

And most importantly the lifestyle.

One such person is Mike Thurtston, a British Instagrammer and YouTuber who leads a luxurious life in Dubai thanks to the money he makes from his online businesses.

Few Restrictions

Another reason Dubai thrived in 2020 through to 2022 was due to the lack of covid restrictions.

For the majority of the time, you could live pretty freely as long as you showed a negative covid test before flying out.

This was an incredibly smart move by the Dubai government.

While most of the world was locked down, they were getting millions of tourists from all over the world to come and experience the freedom.

And they made a healthy income in the process.

Since then more and more people keep coming back for the experience, hype, and of course, everything else they have to offer! (which may or may not include the niche sex services lol)

Portray an Abundance of Wealth, Luxury, and High Standard of Living

In a world where most people are on social media and anything can be faked, people like to portray a lifestyle that may or may not be real.

Either way, Dubai is the perfect city to get this message across.

Everywhere you go in Dubai there is potential for a great photo.

You’re only limited by your imagination.

Every Hot Influencer Gets Flown Out

Male influencers that go to Dubai fly themselves out to experience the modern city and party!

However, you’ll find that almost every hot girl that tours to Dubai is flown out by one of the expats, either for a service for a fetish or sex.

Lets take it a step further. Some of them want the girls to defecate on them for a large sum of money. This can be up to $26,000 dollars.

Expats are educated workers and skilled professionals that reside in another country for work, and they earn a great income doing so.

These expats earn a lot of money but usually experience poor living conditions where they share the same room with 8 other people.

That means most of the money they make is theirs or sent back home to family, since they don’t need to pay much for accommodation.

So even though most girls go for tourism, they’re first contacted by Dubai expats and flown out completely free and then given some money for a service.

There You Have It

Those are the main reasons Dubai is incredibly popular among Instagram Influencers, because everywhere you go is ready for a picture.

If you’re looking to portray an abundance of wealth, luxury and high standard of living, Dubai is somewhere you can go to achieve that.

If you’re looking for tourism, experience, and party, Dubai is great for that too.

Just know that Dubai is a tourist destination, so everything is expensive as hell. Expect to pay an arm and a leg for most things, especially food.

Otherwise if you’re on a budget, but have a large social media following, you can try get a free hotel stay instead.

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