WP Affiliate Machine Review – Will Do Nothing For You

One thing I’m no stranger to is scams claiming that you can get thousands of dollars for doing no work whatsoever.

WP Affiliate Machine claims that you can have a website up in 60 seconds by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and watching commissions roll in.

Being a savvy internet marketer guy myself, I could smell BS a mile away.

This lead me to doing a full investigation on this system and exposing it for what it really is.

WP Affiliate Machine Review – Product Overview

Name: WP Affiliate Machine

Owner: Ankur Shakla

Price: $14.95

Type: Product Reviews

Overall Rating: 10/100 SCAM

WP Affiliate Machine is a system designed to increase the creators bank account and that’s it. It offers nothing in terms of value and those that buy it will not make any money (in my opinion). There’s just too many things from with this system that I have to fully expose it.

What is WP Affiliate Machine? The Claims

Sales Page Screenshot

WP Affiliate Machine promises to give you pre-made reviews and a website, and that you can start seeing money rolling in in 60 seconds (all from a WordPress plug-in).

Yes they’re right about giving a website with pre-made reviews (up to 30 in fact), but they are wrong about watching money coming in and banging down your door.

In fact you will experience the complete opposite.

No money and crickets.

Let me tell you that a website with content means nothing. There’s a big difference between content and QUALITY content.

The reviews that WP Affiliate Machine gives you have all been used before (from other people buying the system).

Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Google actually brings the hammer down on websites that have duplicate content.

Either they will de-index your website altogether or keep it low in the rankings.

Neither are good because you will not see any traffic come to your website, and without traffic, you have no business.

Uncovering WP Affiliate Machine

WP Affiliate Machine is created by a man named Ankur Shakla.

Upon further investigation, this man has created many products on the popular internet marketing forum “Warrior Forum” and JVZoo. – both go hand in hand.

Might I add that JVZoo is well known for releasing scams in the past, or at the very least, exaggerate what the products can do.

Ankur Shakla is a popular member on Warrior Forum and has released a few products over the years – a big red flag in itself.

People that release products every few weeks are only doing one thing, and that’s creating cheap, low quality systems with no substance to them.

They put a small price tag on it, hype it up for a couple weeks, and get affiliates to sell it to their email list/customers upon launch.

This type of marketing has been done for years and they are still doing it.

WP Affiliate Machine is one of those systems.

The Problems With WP Affiliate Machine

The Reviews are Low Quality and “Thin”

The reviews you are given are low quality, meaning they’ve all been used before.

Google ranks websites that are unique and original.

They are also “thin”. That basically means there’s little-to-no substance and a low word count.

They are more like a sales page more than a review.

You Need Traffic

Quality content gets your foot in the door, and when you have quality content and traffic, you have a thriving business.

WP Affiliate Machine offers none of that.

They give you duplicate content and NO way of getting traffic.

They claim that you will start seeing commissions rolling in within 60 seconds when this is not possible without eyes on your website.

Also there’s a difference between targeted traffic and any traffic.

Someone searching Google for “WP Affiliate Machine review” is going to be more interested at reading this article than someone looking to buy a blender.

Now that’s an extreme example but you get the difference between low quality traffic and targeted traffic.

The are free ways of getting targeted traffic.

One is Google which takes a couple months to rank in the search engines.

Social media is also good if you have a following dedicated around a brand.

None of these are easy to accomplish.

Another way of getting targeted traffic is paid ads, but of course that requires money,

It’s a Money-Grab Scam

I see other reviewers sugar-coating their opinion by saying they provide reviews and a website so it can’t be a scam, but that is bullsh*t.

I’m going to call it for what it is.

WP Affiliate Machine is a scam designed to make money for the owner and their affiliates.

The owner makes the largest sum of money, their affiliates make the rest.

Those that buy it make nothing.

There’s no training on how to get traffic which is the backbone of any successful business.

Money can’t be made without someone interested, taking out their wallet, and putting in their credit card information.

This is just another scam preying off the emotions of desperate people who don’t know better, people just trying to find a way to make additional income for their families.

Are There Good Things?

Honestly there is nothing good about this program.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this system and say there are a couple of things good about it, because the reality is I don’t see it doing any good for anybody.

Sure you get 30 pre-made reviews and a website, but that is not enough.

Unless you plan on paying for ads to get targeted traffic then it may work.

But even profiting from ads is a difficult thing to do.

I know I’m bashing on this system a lot because it angers me that these people keep doing this and taking money from those who don’t know better.

At the end of the day WP Affiliate Machine will not do anything for you and I don’t recommend it.

Does WP Affiliate Machine Have Good Intentions?

Does this man named Ankur Shakla have good intentions for his buyers?

No, the only intentions he has is growing his bank account.

These product creators will continue to do this and it’s my job to expose them for what they really are, scammers just trying to make a quick buck.

That’s not to say that all product creators are bad.

Some do have good intentions and some systems are pretty good, albeit expensive.

The price is a good indicator of value when it comes to “online opportunities”.

You really do get what you pay for. And in this case you get nothing special.

I Get It, We All Want Great Things Without Doing Any Work

Don’t worry, I’ve fallen for these types of scams before.

I used to buy them all the time because I believed the hype.

I mean, who doesn’t want a push button system that can earn you money on autopilot?

It sounds like a great investment when all you’re paying is $14.95. But that’s the catch.

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve spent less than $50 on online programs claiming that you can get rich overnight.

Before I found something that works I probably spent over $1000. It’s not a good feeling losing hard-earned money to people that are only out to take it and run.

So What Should You Do Now?

Well now I hope you’ve realized that there are lots of people that are out to scam you.

Unfortunately it’s not slowing down as they have more ways of releasing junk programs. They are called “apps”. Yes I’ve been exposing those too that claim you can make easy money.

You can do whatever you want with your newfound knowledge.

However, there is one thing I want you to do before you go.

The only thing that worked for me when I was a newbie was affiliate marketing, and I still use it to this day to make most of my online income.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to grow a thriving online business by writing product reviews and ranking them in the search engines.

See the difference? I don’t copy and paste content, I create my own reviews which is what Google likes.

Check them out. They have 10 free videos with no strings attached.

Well that concludes my WP Affiliate Machine review.

Please let me know if you have any concerns and questions in the comments below.


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