You Cubez Review – Not Worth the Time and Effort

Does You Cubez pay? Is it a viable opportunity to join in 2022? How much money can you make from this website? These are the types of questions I will be answering in this You Cubez review.

Websites like this never pay well, and the money you get doesn’t even come close to how much time you invest in them.

So what does You Cubez do different from the rest, or are we simply looking at another bogus site that’s clearly a waste of time?

Thankfully I’m about to cover all in this review, so lets get right into it.

What Is You Cubez?

You Cubez is a PTC website, which if you don’t know, simply means Paid-to-Click.

You simply get paid to click ads.

Just click an ad, watch for a certain amount of time (usually a few seconds), and your account will be credited at the end of the timer.

It’s simply an advertising website, where you are the traffic looking at the ads, and you get a cut of the profit that the owners receive.

That is the gist of You Cubez.

Now there are also other ways to get paid with You Cubez, which I’ll cover in detail below.

How to Make Money With You Cubez

You Cubez Making Money Opportunities

1. Click Ads

First and foremost, you’ll be clicking ads to make money.

This is the easiest way to earn money from this PTC website.

As mentioned above, simply click, watch for a few seconds, and your account will be credited.

However, this does not mean you will be quitting your job anytime soon.

The pay that you receive per ad click is almost unnoticeable, paying around £0.0005 per click.

So you’ll need to click at least 20 ads to make £0.01, which is almost impossible to make in one day, as you have a limited amount of ads you are allowed to click per day.

There are other opportunities to make money with this PTC website, but still not enough to provide that “quit your day job income” you’re looking for.

2. Paid Offers

Paid offers is the second option to make money from You Cubez.

This pays a little more than clicking ads, but of course, requires a bit more time and attention.

There are a wide range of different paid offers at your disposal. The good news is that the pay is better than clicking ads.

These offers range from completing surveys, downloading apps, signing up to free trials, playing games, and more.

Even though the pay is a little better, it’s still not enough to quit your day job. Nor will you see a noticeable jump in your bank account.

This feature actually pays out in “points”, which can then be converted into $ later on.

A typical survey on the paid offers board pays around 200 points, which equals to $0.20.

Some offers pay more, but again, will require more of your time and energy.

3. Adboard

The Adboard is geared more towards people that have a blog/website, or offer that they want to sell to people.

This sounds great in theory, because who doesn’t want free traffic, however, the traffic is absolutely trash.

The people that will be viewing your website are people that only want their own website viewed. They have no interest in your offer and the traffic will never, ever convert.

Anyway, to get your website/offer on the Adboard, you will need to view a minimum of 30 websites for 10 – 60 seconds. Once this is done, you’ll receive £1 which can then be used to purchase a space on the Adboard.

Now you can put your own offer so that others can check out.

But just like I mentioned above, the traffic will not convert so it’s just a complete waste of time.

4. Referrals

Another way to earn money with You Cubez is through referrals.

Once you invite someone, you will receive £10.

However, this £10 is completely non-redeemable. The only way you can spend it is via the Adboard, which I already explained, is totally useless.

They make you earn £10 per referral because it’s a GREAT incentive for people to invite friends and family, but completely useless at the end of the day.

This, just like many other referral programs out there, is one of the worst I have come across.

A good referral program should compensate you a small percentage of your downlines earnings for life.

For example:

If a referral program pays 5% for every referral you bring in, you’ll receive 5% of their clicks for life. Get hundreds of referees and you’re looking at a small passive income without any work.

That’s what a decent referral program is. Anything less is daylight robbery, in my opinion (since you brought someone in they never had before).

How Do You Withdraw Your Money?

The minimum withdrawal amount for You Cubez is £8, which pays via PayPal and Bitcoin.

This is a little on the higher side compared to similar websites, probably to make people quit so they never receive their earnings.

Similar websites pay out as low as $2.

You can get your minimum withdrawal amount lowered, so long as you pay for a premium membership, of course.

More on that in detail below.

Premium Packages

Below is a screenshot of the premium packages available at You Cubez.

You Cubez Premium Packages

Something I noticed is that when you purchase Premium+ package, you’ll receive a small commission on your referees clicking the ads.

This should actually be available without purchasing a package, as competitor websites provide this feature completely free.

Also you will receive 5% commissions on all referees purchases for life.

This has nothing to do with clicking ads, this is actually from your downline upgrading their account, or purchasing one of the advertising packages.

Is It Worth Upgrading Your Account?

I would have to give that a no.

There’s really no good reason to upgrade your account, even if you can actively get new referrals on the daily.

And I’m talking about 5+ new referees. Your mom, aunt, and dad do not count.

You need to know how to recruit lots and lots of new people that will actively click everyday.

That way you can actually make a profit from your downlines clicks and not end up losing money. Get hundreds of referees and you MIGHT make a profit.

However, in saying that, it sounds good in theory but nearly impossible for most people.


It’s getting harder and harder to recruit people these days, as there are so many scams, people are sick and tired of joining things that never work as promised.

Therefore the chances of getting anyone to sign up is next to none. Still possible with a high amount of traffic, but not worth the hassle.

Is You Cubez a Scam or Do They Pay?

You Cubez appears to be legit and paying their members accordingly.

I scoured the internet to see what peoples experiences was with this website, and I couldn’t find any complaints about people not receiving their earnings.

So no, You Cubez is NOT a scam, and a legit way to make money online.

Whether or not it’s worth your time and energy is a different story, which if you haven’t guessed by now, is not.

Should You Join You Cubez?

You Cubez is just another website to make the owners richer.

They don’t offer anything of value to their users, and you’ll only waste your time and energy making literal pennies.

You’re far better off spending that time working on something that will actually pay off.

There’s a reason why there’s thousands of PTC websites and everyone using them doesn’t get rich, because it’s impossible to see a noticeable difference in your monthly income (while the owners laugh all the way to the bank).

Honestly, as a user, you’re getting robbed of your time, making the owners richer, while you earn pennies.

It’s nowhere near worth the time and effort it takes, therefore, you should not join You Cubez, or any PTC site for that matter.

Build Something That Will Pay You In the Long Run

I was the type of person joining anything and everything just hoping something would be worth it in the end.

All I found were scams, and the legit ones would pay me pennies, just like You Cubez.

I done literally anything before I found something that works.

And now, after failing over and over again, I’m living my dream of working from home on my own terms.

I stopped chasing shiny objects, and went the slow and steady route instead.

What I’m talking about is blogging.

I created a camping blog back in 2016, talked about different topics, started selling tents and sleeping bags using Amazons Associates program, and then sold the blog soon after for $17k.

Now I create similar blogs and earn a full-time income doing it.

Blogs are simply virtual real estate. They grow in value with time, attention and nurture.

If you create a blog now, work on it every single day, you could easily be making 4-figures per month in a years time.

Now you can sell it for 5-figures or keep it and quit your day job to work on it full-time, it’s completely up to you.

The same program that taught me everything from creating a blog, choosing a niche, creating content, and getting it ranked in the search engines is called Wealthy Affiliate, and they have a free trial.

So if you want to get in and check it all out without getting out your wallet, you can.

I’ll happily assist you in learning the ropes once you’re inside, but first you should check out my full review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

Cheers and I’ll see you on the other side.

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